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We've listed here all bugs found in CAREWare for easy user reference. Please find the bug affecting your usage and see if it's fixed.

  1. ADAP Brand Name in custom reports
  2. ADAP Enrollment Status changes back to Active once case closed date is set
  3. ADAP Formulary not saving active date
  4. ADAP Quarterly Report not returning #12E Total Cost
  5. Adjustments made to service columns are not saved at close of client
  6. All activated fields do not display on custom subform tabs
  7. All relation field selections generate error on custom reports
  8. All services are returned for a Regional User
  9. Annual Custom Review data entered on Custom Form not saving
  10. Annual Review data not saving when changing to custom tab 1, 2 or 3
  11. Annual Review data not shared on 3rd provider domain instantly
  12. Appended case notes do not save
  13. Appointments check box in PDE setup has to be checked every export
  14. Appointment status not changing correctly when scheduled service is entered
  15. ARV Count Incorrect
  16. Attachment List Manager Tweaks
  17. Blue C disappears after changing key date setting to date from days
  18. Blue C does not change date format to date picker when clicked
  19. Blue C in custom field filter is not changing controls to allow user to enter in a static date
  20. Blue C in custom report filter does not allow user to enter in static dates
  21. Bug in Build 877: Changes in Permissions causes Demographics fields to be blank
  22. Calculated objects require reentry of all fields if one subfilter field is changed
  23. Canned reports with custom filters generate error
  24. Cannot add new service via Rapid Service Entry
  25. Cannot delete custom reports with deleted or deactivated custom fields
  26. Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.cw_client' with unique index 'UNQ_eurn'
  27. Cannot run financial report for mutiple domains with custom filter
  28. Cannot start the business tier service
  29. Can not switch referral tab after editing Referrals
  30. Cannot tab to Save button and press Enter
  31. Can't delete custom reports
  32. Cant scroll down on long form list in provider domain
  33. Case note delete does not delete case note
  34. Case Note edit is not saved
  35. Case note report includes notes from shared domains when it shouldn't
  36. Cervical Cancer performance measure wrong values and copies will not save
  37. Changing report types and selecting cross tab causes error
  38. Clean up items for Encounter tab
  39. Clickable field for races overlaps other races
  40. Client Search for Regional User
  41. Client server list not saving new server information
  42. Column sort does not work in Service Tab
  43. Column width settings are not saved with Templates
  44. Contract report does not display properly within CAREWare
  45. Control D no longer brings up the form designer
  46. County field data disappears on forms
  47. Crash when running filter on finanical report
  48. Creating new HIP service generates error when HIP is not turned on
  49. Crosstab report with custom field filter generates error when run with no date span
  50. Custom Combo box in 1st position of custom filter generates error
  51. Custom combo box in custom form shows codes instead of values
  52. Custom Field on Custom Report appears twice
  53. Custom fields marked as required are not requiring data entry
  54. Custom Report not following Field Restrictions in Central Domain
  55. Custom Reports for a regional user with providers in the list not mapped to the user
  56. Custom service data does not transfer when service merge tool is used
  57. Custom Service Field Column Headers not Sortable
  58. Custom service fields that are active for only 1 subservice do not appear on the Service tab listview
  59. Custom service fields do not show up in the service viewer
  60. Custom Subform fields not being placed in custom subform box on form designer
  61. Custom Subform tab and subtab display issues on client screen
  62. Custom Tab 3 label turns to a dot
  63. Custom template error when field name is less than 4 characters
  64. Data Translation Module service stops Windows update issue 1607
  65. Date fields are not reporting correctly on reports
  66. Dates in ADAP Services don't sort correctly
  67. Date span for calculated objects not using correct logic
  68. Deactivated custom field values do not display properly
  69. Deactiveated custom fields are not being removed from the custom field location
  70. Default Insurance Service Names
  71. Delete service error in rapid service entry
  72. Deleting client last name generates error during force close
  73. Deleting Custom funding sources assigned to WIYC Report generates error
  74. Deletion flag on PDI records does not delete records in CAREWare
  75. Detached Change Logs are generating an error message on client screen
  76. Details of custom field in filter do not show in the report
  77. Easy Prescribing Regimen Prescribing Error
  78. Edit Groupname for CAREWare native Usergroups
  79. Effective permission allows permission changes
  80. Email scheduler button generates error
  81. Encounter Report Bug ICD 10 Diagnosis Missing
  82. Error when saving new custom report that has no filter
  83. Error when saving new custom report that has no filter
  84. Enrollment status on canned reports generates SQL exception
  85. Enrollment Date not saving if 2 or more services added to a new client
  86. Enrollment status changes not always updating
  87. Error converting Store & Forward Import Adaptor to real time provider
  88. Error entering amount received in Rapid Service Entry
  89. Error generated during save of a new custom report
  90. Error generated editing ADAP Formulary details
  91. Error generated when creating Mailing List report (582-584)
  92. Error in trying to update orphaned custom field columns on the tables that hold custom data during Store & Forward
  93. Error message when Opening Exported Report in Excel
  94. Error occurs when checking client services on the central administration domain
  95. Error occurs when trying to open custom client tab
  96. Error setting Mental Health value in Annual Review
  97. Error setting Provider for Referrals
  98. Error when Adding new services
  99. Error when relogging in after a user timeout
  100. Error when using lab comment field value in filter
  101. Error when using the Has RW-funded Service field in report filter
  102. Error while selecting a server in the Login Page
  103. Field Hospital Admissions in Period cannot be used in filter
  104. Field Selection Remove All button
  105. Filtering change log date span does not return results
  106. Financial Report formatting bug makes part of report illegible
  107. Financial report generates error with custom field combo box filter in use
  108. Financial Report rows are overlapping each other and illegible
  109. Form button disabled after entering a service
  110. Form designer is not setting custom text field size properly
  111. Forms not displaying red line for cut off of first page to second
  112. Forms open in middle of dual moniters
  113. Formulary date changes don't save
  114. Freeze upon attempting to open Manage Report Field Restrictions
  115. Get Domains for Regional User is returning all available users
  116. Granting of view screening permission only does not allow access to tab
  117. Group by Provider in Central Admin does not show viewable custom report
  118. Group Rapid entry displays -1.7 for amount received
  119. Group Rapid Entry report displays wrong column headers
  120. Group Rapid Service entry generating error
  121. HAB10 Performance Measure incorrect after turn of the year
  122. Has custom service field crashes performance measure creation on central administration domain
  123. HHsize and HHincome are reversed in the demographic report fields
  124. Hide PII Fields Checkbox not 'checked and disabled' for Regional User
  125. HouseHold size and HouseHold income are reversed in the demographic report fields
  126. Import from SQL Server option in CAREWare is generating repeated imports
  127. Increase consistency for close button/red x across all forms
  128. International fields are available in domestic custom reports
  129. Issues on form designer not saving field properties correctly
  130. LabIntervalCount Incorrect for Shared Data
  131. Lab & Med Chart Appearance
  132. LDL result max set to 0 when results will always be higher
  133. Login form does not allow a user to change his expired password
  134. Mailing Label report generates error when run with a date span
  135. Make DTUpdate 79.7 check for Nulls
  136. Map client with update generates error in HL7
  137. Mapping clients in PDI causes error if there are missing gender maps
  138. Max ARV Count in Span not calculating correctly
  139. Medication custom names appear on medication tab when custom names are not used
  140. Medication custom names not saving if adding new medications
  141. Medication fields missing from custom reports
  142. Medications with the same name generating an error
  143. Misleading error message when adding Referral Provider
  144. Missing the treatment field from the form designer
  145. Need to reboot BT 2x after SQL is started
  146. New services added land at bottom of service list
  147. No negative Part D clients showing up in table 6.2 in RDR
  148. No scroll bar for filters in custom reports
  149. Orders Cleanup
  150. PDI not updating cw_client_art_regimens table
  151. Importing Metadata Error
  152. Performace Measure Email Scheduler is getting the Performance Measure for the wrong date
  153. Performance Measure Client List/Annual Review Year uses wrong date
  154. Performance Measures not refreshing
  155. Permission to Run Service Detail reports not functioning as intended
  156. Poverty level = null generates error in custom reports
  157. Pregnancy records should be allowed to be entered for any gender but Male
  158. Pressing Enter key does not save service
  159. Prevent attachment fields from being set to 'Search By'
  160. Prompt for expired password not allowing users to change password
  161. Provider Name and Primary Provider not working in custom reports
  162. Provider Notes are viewable and editable when case note sharing is activated for a client
  163. Provider Setup Import/Export Bug
  164. Quality Check message appears when editing the first item in a filter template
  165. RDR reporting Unknown for patients who's case close date is on the end date of the report.
  166. Received Test field always defaults to Received Lab or Screening on custom reports
  167. Receiving error: Could not load file or assembly C1.Win.C1Input.2
  168. Referral Class data disappear after record is saved
  169. Referral class not saving on client screen and not viewable on tab
  170. Referrals by Category generates error on custom reports
  171. Regimen Screen Tune-up
  172. Regional User revoking Global User Permission
  173. Relations Full Name field selection generates error in custom reports
  174. Relocated clients with case closed dates still marked as active on find client screen
  175. Removal of WICY Report button from provider domains
  176. Removing permission to provider domain does not remove it from existing users
  177. Report Filter is not working in Scheduler appointment report setup form
  178. Required custom service fields are not prompting data entry
  179. Required RSR fields not appearing on RSR
  180. Scheduler report does not order by date then client name correctly
  181. Screening lab date field name is misspelled
  182. Screening Score = 1.79769313486232E+308
  183. Second page does not display once a permission change is added to the form
  184. Service date column sort is not kept on Service tab
  185. Service order doesn't stay set in descending order
  186. Service unit calculated field in Demographic report won't show decimal values
  187. Several calculated objects in the custom reports are not saving data properly for subfilters
  188. Show New Clients Only checkbox causes error
  189. Single Performance Measure List with custom report output is broken
  190. Subservice Count by Funding is displaying domain PKs in SRV Funding field
  191. SQLPDE error Invalid column name 'cln_pde_processed'
  192. System Info Copyright Shows 2009
  193. Task Bar Problem
  194. The blue C for srv date is not changing the max/min fields to date span on srv report type filters
  195. The expenditure setup won't save any amount entered in the Health Insurance row
  196. The field for ART medications in custom reports isn't always correct
  197. The field selection First Service Category in Date Span is failing
  198. The Setup wizard is defaulting to Level 1 for Case Notes and Appointment Scheduler
  199. Timeout issue with HL7
  200. Unable to add any Vital Sign components to form designer
  201. Unable to add Hemoglobin or BMI to custom form
  202. Unable to delete deactivated medication in version 4.1 or 5
  203. Unable to Find Client
  204. Unknown result for Mental Health or Sub Abuse Screening doesn't transfer to Annual Review
  205. Upgrade from build 449 to build 517 generates error
  206. Use CAREWare codes does not work on PDE when mapping custom fields
  207. Users can't get past the main menu if they setup/then remove security questions
  208. User suddenly is removed from access to the form in form designer
  209. Use Totals box gets unchecked when aggregate report is opened for editing.
  210. Vital Signs in Form Designer is adding records to Hospital visits

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