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The RSR and other calculated fields need to have the client art regimens table in sync with the client's data. When using the PDI, it allows mapping to occur to inactive medications while the client art regimens table updates its records by filtering out just active ones. The PDI needs to be updated so that only active medications for the specified domain be the only ones available during the mapping process. Specifically the the MedicationTable property needs to get the data from "cw_active_medication_map" in the TDI_Mapping_Manager object on the client and the TDI_Get_Data_Table needs to be updated to include a domain filter when active medication map is passed.

Work around: Make the medication active, then create a dummy regimen and save it. Then delete it. This will force the client art regimens table to update all its records.

This bug was found in build554
This bug was fixed in build#
TTP #1785

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