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This happens when there are too many records that need to be processed. Depending on their system, its hard to determine the max number of records CAREWare can process and any given time. Please see work around. An internal mechanism may be required to remove the records permanently after a user defined amount of time.

Failed SQL Statement in dataset fill helper: SELECT cw_hl7_test_processing.*, cw_test_definition.tst_df_tst_cl_fk, 
cw_test_definition.tst_df_tst_tp_rfk, cw_test_definition.tst_df_act_cl_fk FROM cw_hl7_test_processing LEFT JOIN 
cw_test_definition ON cw_hl7_test_processing.hl7_ts_tst_df_fk = cw_test_definition.tst_df_pk WHERE 
cw_hl7_test_processing.hl7_ts_status = @whl7_ts_status1 AND (cw_hl7_test_processing.hl7_ts_pr_hl7_dt_sr_rfk <> 
@whl7_ts_pr_hl7_dt_sr_rfk1 OR cw_hl7_test_processing.hl7_ts_pr_hl7_dt_sr_rfk IS NULL) Parameter values were: 
@whl7_ts_status1 = Map Test @whl7_ts_pr_hl7_dt_sr_rfk1 = PDI @whl7_ts_pr_hl7_dt_sr_rfk2 = PDI

The work around could only be done in CAREWare 5, but the problem may exist in 4.1 as well. Make sure they do a back up prior to doing this.

  1. Log into Central Administration
  2. Click on Administrative Options
  3. Click on Lab Test Mapping Tool
  4. Click on Map Test Definitions and Qualitative Results
  5. For any test that you are not importing, (The ones that do not have a CAREWare definition assigned to it) purge the test by ID.
    a. Choose the test that you don’t want to import by selecting it on the list
    b. Click on Purge by ID. This will remove the test from CAREWare permanently.
  6. After purging each unnecessary test, make sure that you select the skip import so CAREWare knows to remove the test from processing the next time it gets ordered into CAREWare.
  7. You can choose “Delete Mapping” and it will remove the test from the list. Note that if the test is sent again to CAREWare, it will show up again on the list. I would recommend clicking on skip import just to make sure that you don’t have to do this every time the test comes into CAREWare.

This bug was found in build533
This bug was fixed in build#
TTP #1747

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