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Add a new item to to the ADAP formulary and then go to the edit screen then make changes and clicked 'Save'. A user will generate the error below. But then a user can close and reopen both the edit screen and the import screen and be able to save changes with no problem.

Error generated is:

Source: jProgBusiness - Record with the given primary key does not exist in database. UPDATE cw_adap_formulary 
SET adp_fr_unit_price = @adp_fr_unit_price , adp_fr_dispensing_fee = @adp_fr_dispensing_fee , 
adp_fr_adp_in_rfk = @adp_fr_adp_in_rfk , adp_fr_active_date = @adp_fr_active_date , adp_fr_last_updated = @adp_fr_last_updated 
WHERE adp_fr_pk = @wadp_fr_pk
   at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.ADAPAdminitstration.saveFormularyItem(String LoginToken, ADAPNDC ndc)
   at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.jBusinessRemote.ADAP_Save_Formulary_Item(String sessionToken, ADAPNDC NDC)
An error occurred while saving a record of formulary item.

This bug was found in build554
This bug was fixed in build#
TTP #1780

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