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CAREWare support and documentation has been moved to a new location. For the most updated user guides and documentation for CAREWare click on the link below:

jPROG CAREWare Support Portal

You can download all available CAREWare documentation from here. All updated documents will be posted here after being posted to the HRSA CAREWare website. Information about changes between the CAREWare 5 and CAREWare 6 versions of this page is here.

Quick Start Guides

  1. Quick Start Guide 1 - Downloading and Installing CAREWare
  2. Quick Start Guide 2 - Setting Up Contracts & Subservices
  3. Quick Start Guide 3 - Entering Clients and Clinical Data
  4. Quick Start Guide 4 - Customizing Tabs and Fields
  5. Quick Start Guide 5 - Customizing Clinical Data
  6. Quick Start Guide 6 - Prebuilt Reports
  7. Quick Start Guide 7 - Running Basic Custom Reports
  8. Quick Start Guide 8 - Running Advanced Custom Reports
  9. Quick Start Guide 9 - Administration
  10. Quick Start Guide 10 - Performance Measure Module
  11. Quick Start Guide 11 - Group Service Entry
  12. Quick Start Guide 12 - Creating New Provider Domains

Other Manuals

Manuals in Zip format

CAREWare Medication files

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