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A new tool has been created, as of build 847, that allows users to identify records that may cause these file errors and correct them in CAREWare. Instructions to use the Orphaned Record Cleanup tool are here.

Here is an error related to orphaned records when importing using a Provider Data Import.

Here is an error related to orphaned records when exporting using a Provider Data Export.

This error can occur when there is already a client in the system with a matching URN. If it is a duplicate client record in your database, you can try to find the record by using the Find Client screen. If the client is found and already exists in your records, use that client instead of creating a new client record. If you are unable to find the client record through the CAREWare interface, then it is probably an orphaned client record that will have to be found by running a query on the SQL CAREWare database. This can happen if a client is not completely deleted for some reason.

Here is the query to identify orphaned client records.

If you are experiencing this issue, please contact the CAREWare Help Desk

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