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Error occurs when running filter on financial report in build 527. The selectTable.MyAliasName = MainjST.JoinToAliasName in the CheckForJoinedTables method is nothing. Need to have a check for it. Error generated is:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at jProgBusiness.jReports.jReportAreaSelector.CheckForJoinedTables
(jSelectTable selectTable) at jProgBusiness.jReports.jReportAreaSelector.WeedOut() 
at jProgBusiness.jReports.jReportOperations.financialReportNOSSDetailNoProvider(jKeyLabelPair[] selectedDomains, 
DateTime beginDate, DateTime endDate, jFundingSource[] fundingSources, String loginToken, jReportFilter filter, 
Boolean receiptsInPeriodOnly)

This bug was found in build527
This bug was fixed in build580
TTP #1704

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