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CAREWare support and documentation has been moved to a new location. For the most updated user guides and documentation for CAREWare click on the link below:

jPROG CAREWare Support Portal


This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists some of the more commonly asked questions about CAREWare. We've separated the questions into categories that reflect the tier or subject matter of the questions. A brief description is provided for each below.
You can also use the search box on the left to find your specific error or question.

Administrative TasksAdvanced TasksCommon User Questions
Compatibility & license information for CAREWare This section contains advanced topics regarding the business and data tiers of CAREWare.Here are the most commonly asked questions to the CAREWare Help Desk
All common Errors that have occurred in CAREWare are contained hereAll requirements & issues dealing with CAREWare installationA list of known bugs affecting CAREWare
jProg now offers a CAREWare hosting service using Amazon Web Services

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