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Required permissions: The default All Permissions group + Schedule Email Alerts.

  1. Login to the central administration domain
  2. Go to Administrative Options>Provider/User Manager
  3. Expand Central Administration's Users and Permissions
  4. Expand Users>"Your User Account Name"
  5. Highlight Individual Permissions
  6. In the search box along the top right type "Schedule Email Alerts"
  7. Right click on Schedule Email Alerts and select "Grant"
  8. Click Save then click Close
  9. On the Administrative Options menu click on Provider Data Import
  10. Click Import from SQL Server
  11. Check the Enable PDI SQL Server Import check box
  12. In the Time box enter a time 5 minutes into the future from your current time. (This can be changed later).
  13. Check the Daily check box. (This can be changed later).
  14. Click Close
  15. Highlight the provider domain the SQL PDI should be enabled for in the Provider List
  16. Click F3: Configure Provider
  17. Check the Automatic Import check box in the Provider Data Options box
  18. Click Save
  19. Wait 5 minutes
  20. After 5 minutes verify the addition of the new database CW_PDI to your CAREWare SQL Server instance using Management Studio

Once the creation of the CW_PDI database is complete you will be able to enter all incoming data in the available tables. These tables adhere to the same restraints as the PDI Access template file. You can refer to the PDI Specifications document for the complete list of required fields.

Any unmapped incoming fields will generate a red exclamation mark in the bottom left corner of the PDI Provider Manager. To resolve missing mappings:

  1. Click on Unmapped Files
  2. Highlight the file on the right side then click F1: Mapped Provider Codes
  3. Map the incoming SQL provider to the actual CAREWare provider. Type the provider name in the CAREWare provider search box.
  4. Click Save

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