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This page shows changes to CAREWare, including bug fixes and new features, and it indicates the HRSA reports for which the builds were created.

Builds are referenced based on their intended use:

RSR - These are builds created for the 2017 RSR report due in 2018.
ICD-10 Release - This is the first build to include ICD-10 diagnosis codes.
Alternate Build - This build includes features not available in the 2015 ADR build.
ADR Release - These are builds that include ADR reporting features for the 2016 ADR report due in 2017.
HOPWA - These builds were created for improvements to the HOPWA module.

978 (ADR 2018)
ADR updates.
ADR Validation Report update.
Bug fix for editing custom reports with TLS enabled.

977 (ADR 2018)
ADR updates.

Bug fix in the PDI for custom forms.

Bug fixes for timing on index maintenance.
Bug fixes in the PDI for custom forms.

Bug fixes in the PDI for custom forms.

Optimized the Change Log query.

Added custom forms to the PDI.
Added 2019 Federal Poverty Level calculations.

Bug fix in HL7 socket.
Bug fix for clearing case closed date in the PDI.
Bug fixes in the PDI.
Bug fixes in the ADR.

Bug fix in the performance measures module.
Bug fix for canned report filters.
Bug fixes in the PDI.
Bug fixes in the ADR.

969 (RSR 2018)
Bug fix in the SSL/TLS channel.
Bug fix in the PDI.

RSR fixes.
Bug fix for hiding quarterly tab screenings when permissions are revoked.
Bug fix for the user timeout display in system info.

Bug fixes in the PDI

Bug fixes in the PDI.
Report field speed upgrades.

Bug fixes in the PDI.
Bug fix in the TLS channel.
Report field speed upgrades.

Bug fixes for the auto updater.
Bug fix in the TLS channel.
Bug fix for deleting custom reports.
Bug fix for running IIS with a TLS certificate.

SQL PDE Updates.
HL7 Updates.

Fixes to interface issues with PDE automation setup.
Updates to scheduled exports to make them more tolerant to errors and missed exports.

961 (ADR 2017)
Updates to the PDE and the automated PDE.

960 (ADR 2017)
Updated the list of eligible medications for the ADR.

959 (ADR 2017)
Updates to the Has Qualitative Result and Received Lab or Screening report fields
Updates to custom tab and annual attachments for linking existing attachments.

958 (ADR 2017)
Updates to the PDE.
Updates to the PDI.
Updates to form designer default values.
Updates to first and last qualitative and quantitative value report fields.

957 (ADR 2017)
Updates for scheduled PDE.

956 (ADR 2017)
PDI Update for importing Client IDs.

955 (ADR 2017)
RSR updates to resolve timeout errors.
Update to the add attachment process to throw an error if the file doesn't exist.
Updated SQL PDI to process records with NULL values in the processed field.

954 (ADR 2017)
Added a separate permission for editing common notes.
Made it so that mailing address fields could be viewed by users who do not have permission to edit address fields.
HL7 socket interface update.

953 (ADR 2017)
ADR bug fixes.
PDI medication update.

952 (ADR 2017)
ADR Schema update.
HL7 socket unmapped client unduplication.
Encrypted connection strings in business tier settings file.
Added an editor to CW Admin for editing connection strings.

951 (ADR 2017)
PDI updates.
2018 Poverty Levels added.
RSR speed upgrade for eligible client list.
New report fields for last vital sign values.

950 (ADR 2017)
PDI bug fix for attachments.
Bug fixes for no common client data installations.

949 (ADR 2017)
ADR Updates.
Added the ability to change a user name.

948 (RSR 2017)
Bug fixes in the RSR.

947 (RSR 2017)
Bug fixes in Contract change report.

946 (RSR 2017)
Added Contract change report.
HL7 socket bug fix.

945 (RSR 2017)
Added Required Elements Manager
Bug fix in the RSR Summary.

944 (RSR 2017)
SQL PDI/PDE Updates.
Security Updates.

943 (RSR 2017)
PDI Updates for sharing and deleted records.
Security Updates.

942 (RSR 2017)
Bug fixes in the PDE.

941 (RSR 2017)
Added a new option within a client record to allow creating client-by-client sharing records without first receiving a share request.
Updated PDI/PDE to handle sharing records (including SQL Server PDI)
Added an option to use last updated date for the PDE
PDE now exports deleted records
Added an option to use HOPWA Living Situation values for Housing Status instead of the HRSA defined ones

940 (RSR 2017)
Fixed a bug where the RSR viewer was not correctly counting APA and HIP service visits
Updated Gender field to properly incorporate Transgender values
Bug fix in service user interface.

939 (RSR 2017)
Updated the RSR for 2017 requirements.
Bug fixes in the automated PDE.

Updated PDI/PDE to handle attachments.
Fixed an issue with the PDI interface.
Added a SQL server option for the PDE.

TLS updates in the auto update process.

TLS communication changes.

Fixed issue with matched clients in PDI.
Common client notes are now exported/imported.
State and County values can now be mapped.
Refactored PDI logic from installed client to business tier.

Performance upgrades for multi-provider financial reports.
Fixed an issue with provider-level merge fields in the central client merge.
Added an optional feature for Grouping Subservice Types using tags.
Added an optional feature for Linking Medications to Service Records.
Added an optional feature for Triggering referrals for selected subservice types or categories.
Added a feature to link a client's existing attachments to additional records.

Bug fix in PDI matching for clients with blank names.

932 (ADR Release)
Bug fix for billing controls on service data entry.
Added a new real time provider permission (View Client Merge History) to allow users without permission to merge clients to be able to see the history of client merges (at their provider).
Fixed a bug in the real time Client Merge.
Fixed an issue where the ADR would report CD4 and VL results for clients with only medications that have a negative total.

931 (ADR Release)
Bug fix in PDI metadata.

930 (ADR Release)
Changed sorting in Central Client Merge.
Updated labIntervalCount report field.

929 (RSR 2016)
Updated RSR and ADR schema files.
Bug fix for custom service fields.

928 (RSR 2016)
PDI bug fix.
RSR report viewer bug fixes.

927 (RSR 2016)
Added Client Merge History.

926 (RSR 2016)
Bug fixes in the RSR Validation Report viewer user interface.
Updated the user message functionality to address speed issues.
Cosmetic change for referrals with many custom fields.

925 (RSR 2016)
Bug fixes in the RSR report viewer user interface.

924 (RSR 2016)
Bug fixes in the RSR report viewer user interface.

923 (RSR 2016)
Updated the way lab data is shared for the RSR.
Added a printable version of the RSR client lookup list.
Fixed an error in calculating the denominator for Vital Enrollment Status.
CM clients are now included in the Core Services denominator.
2017 Poverty Level information added.
Fixed a bug in validation report where Clients Missing Viral Load was always set to 0.

922 (RSR 2016)
Updated the client soundex generation for client searches.
Updated the client search to restrict name searches to results that start with the search criteria.
Updated the client search to disable soundex searches when wildcards (*) are supplied.
Fixed a possible bug in ADR active client searches that could include inactive clients.
Fixed a bug on the service tab for ADR providers.
Updated the way users are prompted to enter Eligibility Status when a case closed date is changed.
Added the client id to question 26 for the HCFA 1500 billing report.
Updated the EURN generator process so that installations with multiple business tiers don't have to share one set of message queues.

921 (RSR 2016)
Updated the has PCP prophylaxis field to incorporate cross-provider labs when selected in the RSR setup.

920 (RSR 2016)
Updated ARV medications list for the ADR.
Bug fixes in calculated report fields.

919 (RSR 2016)
Disabled the provider level RSR.

918 (RSR 2016)
RSR update for clinical data inclusion.

917 (RSR 2016)
Updated demographics tab custom field to allow drop down control.
Updated domain selection method during reports to improve performance.

916 (RSR 2016)
RSR client report viewer bug fix.

915 (RSR 2016)
RSR update included.
Changed minimum framework version to 4.5.2.

RSR update included.
Added CSV Report export scheduler functionality.

Bug fix in service custom fields. Custom values save correctly but are not displayed correctly.
Bug fix in Eligibilty custom field merge.

Bug fix in mailing label report when PII encryption is enabled.
Bug fix in PDI dashboard that kept user session from timing out.

New update to set new contact field values to standard contact field values for clients included in the mailing label reports.
Added custom field functionality to the Eligibility module.

Data Tier Update bug fix for new contact fields.

Report engine bug fix for primary provider calculation.

Mailing address bug fixes.
Updates for multi-provider reports and performance measures.

Client Merge updates.
Mailing address fields added.

Added performance measure tab report.

Bug fix in Add Provider when passwords requirements have been changed.
Bug fix for potential permission issue that caused addresses and HIV status data to be lost.
Bug fix for reports with duplicate results.

Bug fix in Clinical Encounter Reports.
Update to primaryProvider calculation to speed up the RSR.

Upgrade for Central multi-provider reports.
Bug fix in aggregate custom report setup.
Added highlighting to additional email text in password reset email.

Form designer PDI bug fix.

Client Merge improvements.
Updated delete client.
Fixes in HOPWA reports.
Made subservice contract list filterable.
Added a CSV export type to custom reports to be compatible with all versions of Excel.

Client Merge improvements.
Fix in HL7 socket Lab mapping.
Fix in pharmacy prescription search.
Added advanced index maintenance features.
Added the ability to apply SSL/TLS to client/server communication.

Bug fix in a DT Update.

Added form designs to the PDI/PDE.

Bug fix in service contracts.
Bug fix in Central custom demographic reports.

Updated the password reset functionality.
Updates to the user action report.
New permission for custom report field setup.
Added county to the provider address fields.
Updates to the encounter forms for show shared data check boxes.
Update to the filter on the medication activation screen.
Update for the international NAV database functions.

895 (ADR Release)
Bug fixes in Client Merge for service records with custom hyperlinks.
Bug fixes in the PDI for drug payment records.

894 (ADR Release)
Bug fix for expired passwords.
Bug fix in PDI.
HL7 socket updates.
New setting for forcing password reset for new users.

893 (ADR Release)
Bug fixes in Central Client Merge.
Bug fixes in international pharmacy module.
Bug fixes in Provider By Provider Sharing wizard.
New security features in custom field setup. Centrally Locked fields. New edit custom combo lists only permission.
New custom combo box field attribute to disable automatic value activation for individual fields.

Build 892 includes these new features:

Password Reset Manager
Central Client Merge

892 (ADR Release)
Bug fixes in Central Client Merge and Password Reset Manager.
Bug fixes in Regimen setup and Copy Contracts.

891 (ADR Release)
ADR Updates.
New Password Reset Manager.

890 (HOPWA)
HOPWA bug fixes.

889 (HOPWA)
Central Client Merge bug fixes.
HOPWA changes.

888 (HOPWA)
Bug fixes in case notes.
Bug fixes in the Central Client Merge feature.
Bug fixes in immunization and diagnosis data sharing.
Added new options for password requirements.

887 (HOPWA)
Minor Bug fixes in the international easy prescription module.

886 (HOPWA)
Updated the Easy Prescription Module.
Added the Central Client Merge feature.
Updated the Central multi-provider financial report so that it will run faster when there is no custom filter.
The 2016 Federal Poverty Level calculations were added.

885 (RSR 2015)
Updated the RSR to avoid possible duplicate lab error when use shared labs is checked.

884 (RSR 2015)
Updated the RSR to avoid SQL timeouts for large installations.

883 (RSR 2015)
Updated the RSR to not require contract start dates.
Bug fix in the multi-provider New RDR.

882 (RSR 2015)
Changed the way the RSR services are counted to help large sites avoid timeouts.

881 (RSR 2015)
Added new SQL Server indexes for improving RSR performance.
Updated ICD-10 data entry definition filter.

880 (RSR 2015)
Updated the RSR to use clients on ART instead of HAART.
Fixed a bug that would have allowed active clients to have a case closed date.
Billing module updates.

879 (RSR 2015)
RSR efficiency improvements.
PDI metadata fixes.
Bug fix in service cost calculation.
Bug fix in appointment reports with custom filters.

Bug fixes in the PDI metadata.
RSR improvements.
Billing module updates.

Bug fixes to the service panel to make data entry flow more smoothly.
Updated the RSR to use eligibility status as the criteria.
Bug fixes in the Eligibility Status.
Bug fixes in the HL7 socket functionality.

Bug fixes in the Copy Contracts feature for copying subservice price and quantity.
Bug fix in the Has medication custom report field.
Bug fix deleting service receipts.
Bug fix editing service records with custom fields.
Bug fix on service tab. Sorted contract names alphabetically.
Bug fix on service tab. Subservices that were marked as inactive within a contract displaying in the list.
Bug fix saving PDI configuration.
Bug fix saving PDE configuration.

Added provider permission group functionality.
Updated custom reports so that custom text fields which are masked will also be masked in custom reports.
Fixed a bug that caused the service panel to only display the most recent 50 records.

Build numbers are distinguished by their release version as RSR Release, ADR Release, and Alternate Build. The alternate build has several new features not included in the ADR release and were created after the RSR release. These features and fixes have been included with the ADR features and fixes by build 847. Build 848 does not include the Alternate build features; it was created to quickly to fix issues with ADR reporting for the ADR reporting deadline for 2015.

Build 874 includes several new changes to CAREWare including:

Eligibility Status
ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes
Updated .NET Framework 4.5.1

874 (ICD-10 Release)
Updated PDI Template version history.
Updated PDI queue timer
Updated the custom report filter screen for handling long lists like the ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

Cosmetic changes to the diagnosis data entry screen.
Bug fix in RSR validation report. Hispanic subgroup was missing

Cosmetic changes to the ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes setup.
Diagnosis Status requirement removed.
Added the ability to include client custom fields on the service rapid entry screen.
Added international demographics fields to the PDI/PDE.

Bug fix in user timeout.
ActiveReport licensing update.
ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes database updates were renumbered so they wouldn't be missed.

Bug fixes in the PDI.
Bug fixes in the billing module.
ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes changes were added.
Change logs no longer used.

Bug fix in last eligibility field value report objects.

Updated the Eligibility Status

Updated the Eligibility Status

Updated installer to fix auto update

Updated Updated .NET Framework 4.5.1
Converted service tab functionality to the business tier document system.
Converted drug payment tab functionality to the business tier document system.
Added the Eligibility Status

Changed the insurance assessment for the billing module so that secondary insurers can be billed.
Updated the billing 837 file output.
Updated the query for listing annual review screenings to make it more efficient.
Updated the next scheduled event time for the SQL Server PDI.

Bug fix in automated PDI.

Updated PDE to allow for larger exports.
Updated third party billing HCFA 1500 to avoid out of memory issues.
Added the billing start and end times to the report engine.
Updated the service provider by field to only show active employees.

Added custom service category feature.
Added contract item service category restriction feature.
Added Attachment uploads/deletes to the change scribe.
Added billing provider and start and end times to the service list when the billing module is on.
Updated billing provider report filter field to display a combobox for setup.
Fixed a bug in the custom report templates that did not copy over column sizes.
Updated unit validation on the service tab.

850 (Build includes all previous build features and bug fixes)
Added payer id to the third party billing insurers.
Fixes for ADAP enrollment values.

849 (Build includes all previous build features and bug fixes)
Combining latest ADR Bug fixes with this version.

848 (ADR Release)
ADR bug fixes.

847 (Alternate Build)(This build includes all ADR and Alternate build features and fixes prior)
Updated the way that transactions are handled to avoid deadlocks in the client merge process.
Updated third party billing 837p file output.
Added lockout/password change functionality to the User/Provider assignment form.
Modified PDI get status function to improve performance.

846 (ADR Release)
Drug Servicestab now allows negative quantities (and thus, negative costs) to be entered for drug service records.
Negative drug payments are not reported (ignored) on the ADR.
ADAP Enrollment status is now correctly reported on the ADR when the last ADAP enrollment record is before the begin date of the report.
InsurancePremiumAmount and InsurancePremiumMonthCount now correctly include the new full and partial insurance premium services.

845 (ADR Release)
Bug fix in ADR for recertification date.
Updated custom report filters to include inactive values.

844 (Alternate Build)

843 (Alternate Build)

842 (Alternate Build)

841 (Alternate Build)

840 (Alternate Build)

839 (ADR Release)
Bug fix in the drug services tab.
Added domain wide/Cross-Provider labs option to the ADR.
Removed the Reporting Year from the ADR xml.
Bug fix for editing content types and descriptions for referral Attachment fields.

838 (Alternate Build)

837 (Alternate Build)

836 (Alternate Build)

835 (ADR Release)
Bug fix in PDI metadata import.
Bug fix in PDI Delete Data By Date.
Bug fixes in new ADR version.

834 (Alternate Build)

833 (ADR Release)
Updated the ADR.

832 (Alternate Build)

831 (ADR Release)
Updated Drug Payments section to allow for negative/reverse entries.
Updated Drug Payments section of the PDI to allow for negative/reverse entries.

830 (ADR Release)
Updated RSR and RSR Validation Report labels.
Bug fix for deleting Drug Payment records through the PDI.
Bug fix for processing Annual Screenings in the PDI.

829 (Alternate Build)

828 (Alternate Build)

827 (2014 RSR Release)
Updated PDI.
Updated HL7 engine.

826 (Alternate Build)

825 (Alternate Build)

825 (Alternate Build)

824 (RSR Release)
Updated RSR to only include HIV Date for new clients (enrollment date is within report year)
Updated PDI to remove sex at birth restrictions.
Updated HL7 engine.

823 (Prior build fixes are all part of both release versions above)
Updated RSR validation report to only report a value as missing if the client is required to report it.
Updated PDI to allow deprecated values to be imported for Insurance.
Fixed a bug with importing PDI metadata for Services.

Bug fix for orphaned client check in PDI.
Update to fill in missing birth gender data for decrypted client databases.

821 Added Counseling and Testing to the PDI.
Added Service Receipts to the PDI.
Updated RSR validation report.

Bug fix for risk factor Not Reported or Not Identified.

Updated CAREWare to allow multiple race/ethnicity subgroups.
HL7 updates.
Bug fixes in RSR validation report.
Added the ability to partially mask custom text field values.

Bug fix for annual screening edits.
Added user action report entry for deleted clients.

Enrollment field bug fixes.
Removed requirement that enrollment date cannot be after the first service date.
HL7 bug fixes.
PDI bug fixes.

RSR updates.

RSR and RSR validation updates.

Bug fix in custom field matching during PDI.

Bug fix in encounter medications.
Bug fix in PDE.
Bug fixes in HL7.

Bug fix in delete provider function.

Added functionality for tracking the HAIIG demographic fields.
Added an improved audit trail system including a User Action report.

801 - 809
Reserved for updates to the current release.

Updated ADAP setup.
Updated custom field matching criteria in the PDI.

Updated the list of medications that are included in the ADR.

Updated the list of medications that are included in the ADR.
Bug fixes in the custom report field 'Has Service Field'.

Added core performance measures 1-4.
Bug fixes in the PDI.
Updates to the ADR date span.

Bug fixes in the PDI for matching on custom service fields.
Bug fixes in the custom report field 'Has Service Field'.
Updates to the ADR validation report.
Updates to the PDE creation process for exports with a large number of custom fields.

Bug fix in the PDE for configurations with a high number of custom fields.
Added auto map to PDE custom field configuration.

Added status logging for the PDE.
Upgraded error logging for the PDE.

Bug fix in referral custom reports when custom combo box fields are included.
Bug fix allowing custom subform records to be saved without a date.
Updated permissions report to show effective permissions.
Bug fix in custom subform PDE.
Fixed poverty level formatting in custom reports.
Fixed custom service field manager so that it updates in real time.
Added custom referral fields to the PDE.
Added an option to use the on form date in the Form Designer as the custom subform date.
Added a Password Reset Manager function to the user manager.

Fixed bug deleting tests in the PDI.
Fixed slowness problem importing service edits in the PDI.

Broke apart large query for Demographics section of the RSR.
Fixed potential timeout error when retrieving large sets of clients in the RSR report viewer.

Bug fix to keep provider notes from being copied to other providers.

Broke apart large query for Demographics section of the RSR.
Fixed potential timeout error when retrieving large sets of clients in the RSR report viewer.

Added 2014 Poverty Levels.

Bug fix in PDI for reactivating case closed records.

Fixes in RSR Validation Report .
Speed upgrade for financial report.
Bug fix for Form Designer.

Fixes in RSR Validation Report .
PDI medication fixes.
Fix in HL7 Client Mapping.
Fixes in Client Merge.
Fix in PDI Custom Fields.

Fixes/Updates for the RSR Validation report.
Added feature to include custom service fields as part of the PDI mechanism for identifying existing service records.
Added feature to safeguard against overwriting common data with old information for sites with multiple PDI domains.

Fixes for HL7 socket application.
Permission fixes related to Client Demographic information

Fixes for Financial Report, PDI and WICY Report
Added warnings to the RSR Validation Report

Added separate logic to create/update appointments and referrals with a status of 'Missed' and 'Lost to Followup' respectively.
Added/updated comments for imported appointments and referrals with the appropriate filler status codes
Improved filler status code mappings.
Added a feature to write all deleted and malformed HL7 data to disk.
Updated logic to fabricate an 'MRN' for patients without one.
Fixed PDI issues with custom fields
Added metadata to the PDI process so that it can automatically bring over setup information

Added an option for storing Attachments in a folder on the server.
Changed custom combo box values so that they do not require a code.
Updated the PDI.

Updated HL7 socket functionality.
Updated the financial report for efficiency.

Updated functionality for Client Matching in the PDI by client id and custom fields.
Fixed bug in the PDE for drug payments.

Updated functionality for Client Matching in the PDI by client id and custom fields.
Bug fix in the financial report when including receipts in the period.

Fixed a bug in Central PDE.
Updated the form design feature for setting a custom field value to the current user.
Added metadata option to the PDE.

Fixed a bug that allowed Form Designer forms to save without required field values.
Updated the form design feature for setting a custom field value to the current user.

Fixed a bug that allowed the connection manager to be locked.

Added Vital Signs to the PDI.

Updated the Form Designer so that custom service combo boxes do not default to the first item in the list.

Added a new property includeInAppointmentLimit to custom date fields on the Form Designer.
Modified medication and Regimen code to speed up form design loading.

Added the ability to set limits on the number of appointments made for a day.
Changed the custom filter for the financial report to a service type filter.
Added a second table to increase the capacity for custom service fields.
Added client id to both pages of the 2 page client report in the international version.
Centered the lab results on the encounter tab.
Added a property to Form Designer custom comboboxes and textboxes to default the value to the current user.
Added prevent rule to pharmacy receipts for entering previous dates.

PDI bug fixes.
HL7 bug fixes.

Efficiency updates for the ADR.

Update for AQR Report Field
Fixed Bug with UCI when client name has leading spaces.
HL7 processing updates.

Added ADR Reports.
Made changes for efficiency.
Fixed Annual Review PDI bug.

Added Immunizations to the HL7 socket interface.
Bug fix in ROI setup.
Removed Tee Chart references from the business tier.

Bug fix in service tab user interface.

PDI Bug Fixes.
Bug fix in delete client.

2013 Poverty Level Values Added.
Performance improvements.

Provider RSR Bug Fix.
Bug Fix in dt update.

RSR Housing Status Bug Fix.
Bug Fix in custom service memo fields.

Drug service data entry bug fix.
RSR speed improvements.

Updated RSR filter to increase query efficiency.

Bug Fixes for referrals in the PDI delete data by date.

Bug Fixes for referrals in the PDI.
Fixes for Performance Measures HAB10, HAB21, and HAB23.

Bug Fix for referrals permissions.
Bug fix in RSR Completeness Report.

Updated service data entry interface so that shared custom service fields from other providers would be more visible.

Updated Attachment functionality in the client merge.
Updated Form Designer functionality in the client merge.

Bug fix in client by client service sharing.

Added ROI System for sharing services by category.
Added Central Custom Fields.
Added Multi-provider custom field setup.
Added Multi-provider central PDE.

Bug fix in RSR Validation Report.

Client Merge Bug Fix.
Bug fix in RSR Completeness Report.

Added the RSR Validation Report.
Added the RSR Completeness Report.

Bug fix in RSR Viral Loads.
Bug fix in ADAP import.

Bug fix in RSR viewer.
Bug fix in custom report field.
Bug fix in ADAP import.

Bug fix to avoid an error when processing invalid zip codes.

Updated the RSR.
Bug fixes to service tab, referrals, drug services.
Bug fix in Form Designer.
Bug fixes in service entry rules.
Bug fix in client unduplication.
Bug fix in client search.

Renamed build to 685.

Bug fix in ADAP formulary setup.
Bug fix in User Manager.

Added ADAP application date to the PDI.

Fixed AQR bug.
Added dCodes to AQR.
Bug fix for international dates.

Updated calculated report fields.
Bug fix in drug payment user interface.

Fixed bugs in the PDI.
Bug fix in HL7.
Added ADAP enrollment to the PDE.
Added drug payments to the PDE.

Fixed shadow copy of insurance/poverty/annual screenings in store and forward.
Fixed missing locked user icon in user manager.

Removed relations prompt for services in the ADAP domain.
Fixed missing locked user icon in user manager.

ADAP module data entry updates.

Bug fixes in PDI for insurance records.

Modified dispensing fee functionality in ADAP formulary setup.
Updated interface elements for ADR data collection.

Added ADAP certification module.
Updated interface elements for ADR data collection.

Bug fixes in formulary setup.
Bug fixes in drug payment screen.

Introduced changes to the ADAP system.
Introduced new Annual Review.

Update to HL7 Cerner system.
Bug fix in diagnostics system.
Bug fix in subservice cache.
Bug fix in custom field cache.

Update to HL7 Cerner system.

Bug fix in email system.
Bug fix in Central PDI management screen.
Bug fix in custom subform permissions.
Bug fix in referral permissions.
Change in subservice label from short name to long name for PDE.
Bug fixes in Form Designer.

Bug fixes in Form Designer.

Bug fixes in feed processing.

Bug fixes in Pregnancy History/Counseling & Testing Sharing.

Merged all release features with latest completed development.

Bug fix in import processing.

Bug fix in import processing.

Bug fix in import processing.

Bug fix in import processing.

Bug fix in import processing.

Bug fix in field formatting.

Updated HL7 import process.

Merged in the HL7 Epic Bridge system.

Added PDI Automation.

Added custom subform sharing.

Added custom referral fields capacity.

Modified external provider setup.
Bug fixes in custom field setup.

Modified Custom Field Setup.
Added User Messaging System.
Added to information collected about external providers.

Bug fix in performance measure delete.

Bug fix in performance measure copy.

Bug fix in date diff report field.
Made subservices multi-select in contract item screen.

Bug fixes in performance measure import/export.

Bug fix in the RSR XM.

Update to business tier subservice/custom field caching
Update to business tier task manager

Added 2012 Poverty Level

Updates to RSR viewer.
PDI appointment bug fixes.
Service tab enrollment date bug fixes.

Updates to RSR viewer.
PDI Client matching bug fixes.
PDI Custom field bug fixes.

Added RSR viewer.
Report field bug fixes.

Bug fix in report calculated field.
Added new calculated field for Date of last service in category.

Bug fixes for the diagnostics.
Performance improvements on the business tier.

Made custom report/performance measure import/exports allow multiple files.
Bug fix in Case Notes and Service date ordering.
Bug fix in shared service custom data.
Added enhanced diagnostics mode.

Bug fix in Case Notes edit.

Bug fix in data tier update.

Bug fix in the client encounter report for the vital signs section.
Cosmetic change to HIP/ADAP subservice long names.

Changed indexing for custom controls.
Added formatter for HL7 PID3 field.

Bug fix in new Attachments interface.
Added default set of fields to the PII restricted group.

Bug fix in store and forward for custom subform records.
Modified Drug Services tab.

Bug fix in client UCI during client unduplication.
Added client UCI as a searchable field.

Changed Attachment view/download path.

Fixed bugs in the subservice merge.

Fixed bugs on the service tab with sorting and enrollment information.
Change history feature was added.

Updated ARV abbreviations.
Bug fixes in HOPWA setup.

Fixed a bug in Central cross-provider Financial Report with custom filters applied.
Updated the age ranges for the WICY Report.

Fixed a mapping issue with appointments in the PDI.

Fixed a versioning issue with 567.

Bug fix in Central Group By Provider report filters.
Added scheduler appointments to the PDI and PDE.

Made it possible to have international install with URNs turned on.
Made it so that the referential caches are updated when a restore occurs.

Bug fix in PDI for duplicate clients.

Modified SecureChannel to phase out the DES encryption.
Added encryption algorithm to the Sys Info screens.
Bug fixes in service tab listing by date descending.

Bug fix in PDE with custom client fields.

Addressed potential security issues from source code scan.

Bug fix in PDI.

Bug fix in client merge.
Bug fix in PDI.

Bug fixes in ADAP import.

Bug fix in PDI and ADAP import for clients who already exist in another domain.
Bug fix for custom filters in Central multi-provider financial report.
Bug fix in client merge.

Added eURN to canned reports when the user belongs to the PII restricted group.
Bug fixes in display of service amount received.
Bug fix in service preview report.

Fixed configuration issue for installations with channel encryption off.
Bug fix in Central Group By Provider Report filters.

Added code to reset security challenges when password is reset.

Bug fix in security questions.
Bug fix locking user out.

Bug fix in data tier update.
Synched business tier interface calls on client and business tier.

Bug fixes in security questions.

Bug fixes in data sharing expiration.

Added sharing expiration.

HL7 Import updates.

HL7 Import updates.

Fixed mapping issues in PDI.
Fixed slowness issues in PDI.

Form Designer bug fixes.
Separated Add/Edit Custom Fields permission into 2 permissions.
Fixed mapping issues in PDI.
Fixed slowness issues in PDI.

Form Designer bug fixes.

Form Designer bug fixes.

Bug fix in subservice cache.

Improved custom field and service setup caching.
Changed 64 bit helper application EURNGenerator

Changed contract subservice setup for improved speed.
Changed custom field and service setup caching.

Added an RSR validation tool.
Added custom dictionary support to the spell checkers..

Bug Fix for business tier custom field cache.

Added 2011 Poverty Levels.
Service Tab Bug Fix.

Fixed a bug in the Form Designer.
Fixed grammatical error in the RSR notification.
Fixed bug in the encounter report.

Updated performance measures HAB15 and HAB16.

Bug fix for appointments module for SQL Server 2000 systems.
Bug Fix in Form Designer for case note field.

Speed improvement in Form Designer.
Bug Fixes in Form Designer for custom radio buttons.
Bug Fix in service tab when a service contract is changed.

Bug Fixes in Custom Report Sorting.
Bug Fixes in Completing scheduled appointments.

Bug Fixes in HAB03.
Bug Fixes in HAB20.

Bug Fixes in PDE automation.
Store and Forward Bug Fixes.
Bug Fixes in Form Designer custom fields.

Bug Fixes in PDE automation.
Store and Forward Bug Fixes.
Bug Fix for service contracts on Form Designer services.

PDI/PDE Bug Fixes.
Real-Time Provider Form Design Bug Fixes.
Universal Attachment content types bug fix.

PDI updates.
Bug fix in form design provider compatibility.

Added functionality to schedule automatic PDI Exports.

Added automatic sorting to crosstab reports.
Bug fixes in the custom combo values.
Bug fixes in the Form Designer printout of custom grids.

Added rules type for hiding controls in the Form Designer.
Added provider ownership for custom combo box values.
Added universal content type for Attachments.
Fixed bug in HIP activation when HIP subservices are renamed.
Refined real-time provider user lock/lockout feature.

Form Designer bug fixes.

532 Form Designer permissions bug fixes.
Bug fix in ADAP import.

Bug fixes in encounter report.
Bug fixes in Form Designer.
Added the option to turn off checkboxes in form design sections.
Added the ability for the business tier to execute in a 64 bit platform.
Bug fixes in custom field activation/deactivation.

Bug fixes in custom report filter screen.
Bug fix in performance measure setup.
Bug fixes in PDI custom fields.

Reworked services to eliminate slow load time.
Includes all report upgrades from 527 a-i.

Changed the way that drugs with multiple HAART classifications are stored.
Bug fixes in HL7.
Bug fixes in report engine.
Bug fix in HAB21 performance measure evaluation.
Bug fix for New Clients Only in custom reports.
Added case notes to the PDI.

Bug fixes in domain-wide custom report field.
Bug fixes in the Form Designer.

Bug fixes in custom report field dictionary.
Bug fixes in the Form Designer.
Bug fixes in Performance Measure Filter Setup.
Bug fixes in Case Note Custom Report Setup.
Bug fixes in Custom Combo Box Value Setup.

Bug fixes in the PDI.

Fixed a bug in the Clinical Encounter Reports.
Fixed bugs in Case Notes.
Fixed bugs in performance measure delete.
Bug fix for custom tab fields in the Form Designer.

Fixed a bug in DT Update 80.6.
Added administrative permissions to real time provider administrators.
Added Form Designer administration to real time providers.
Fixed a bug with percentages in WICY report.
Added new Import options interface for PDI.
PDI can now import Case Notes
PDI can now has the option for matching clients on client ID or client custom fields

Fixed a bug in the Client Report.
Fixed bugs in custom reports.
Added a tab to CW Admin to edit common storage values.
Updates to the PDI.

521 Fixed potential problem in dt update 80.6.
Modified Screening Setup.
Modified Performance Measure Import portion of the provider settings import.

Bug fix in reporting engine.
Bug fix in HL7.

Bug fixes in some custom report fields.
Added group 3 performance measures.
Bug fixes in Form Designer.

Bug fixes in the HOPWA module.
Bug fixes in Provider/User Manager
Bug fixes in PDI.
Bug fixes in Central custom reports.

Bug fixes in the HOPWA module.
Bug fixes in Provider/User Manager
Bug fixes in Form Designer.

PDE timeout bug fixed.
Bug fix in orders module.
Bug fix in Provider/User Manager
Added user search feature in the Provider/User Manager.

Bug fix in the Attachment feature.
Bug fix in orders module.
Bug fix in Provider/User Manager
Bug fix in PDI.

Redid the Provider/User Manager for speed in large networks.
Made the service list sortable.
Made Case Notes sortable.
Fixed bugs in form printing.

Report Field Documentation updated.
PDI Template updated.
Moved settings to the database (cw_common_storage).

Bug fixes in custom report filter.
Bug fixes in ADAP Import.
Report Field Documentation updated.

Revisions to reporting engine to fix problems and greatly improve the speed of many calculated fields.
Added new subservice category 'Non Care Act Service' for HOPWA services
Bug fixes in file Attachments.
Bug fixes in PDI.
Implemented Contract Rules for HOPWA contracts.
Added encryption for email password fields.
Added administrative alarm when SQL Server Reindex completes.
Added spellchecker and thesaurus to PM email notification.
Bug fixes in performance measure import/export.
Bug fixes in custom report field selection.

Added custom report field helper.
Added new medications file based on ADAP database.
Bug fixes in HL7.
Bug fixes in store and forward.

Added custom hyperlink feature.
Bug fixes in custom Attachment setup.
Enrollment status bug fix.
Bug fix in Performance Measure Cache.

Updated licensing for Charts and Graphs.
Added custom Attachment functionality.
Bug fixes in HL7.

Bug fixes in HL7.

Bug fix in performance measure numerator/denominator setup.
Restructured Central performance measure list.
Added reports to Form Designer.
Added HOPWA features/reports.

Bug fixes with deleting PDI data.
Bug fixes in HL7 imports.
Bug fixes in the S&F automated export manager.
Bug Fixes in Pharmacy Module.
Added Client ID and Client URN to Scheduler and Scheduler reports.
Added dictionary files for the spell checker and thesaurus.

Fixed read only and composite report features for custom reports.
Fixed bugs in HL7

Fixed spell check and thesaurus licensing.
Fixed performance measures worksheet.
Updated client tier shortcut.
Updated version numbers to 5.0.

Changed the auto-updater.

Added compatibility changes for 64 bit processors.
Added HL7 bug fixes.
Added UCI recalculation for client's whose UCIs could not be calculated.

Added templates to custom report field selections and filters.
Added composite reports.
Added XML Export to custom reports.
Added the ability to create multiple sub tabs for the custom subform.

Updated Automated Store and Forward functionality.
Re-added data tier update to add cw_custom_tab_mode_rft because it may have been skipped.
HL7 updates.

Updated Automated Store and Forward functionality.

Updated Automated Store and Forward functionality.

Updated Store and Forward functionality.

Test 2.0 framework build.

Updated the PDI template.
Fixed a bug in the multiple case notes report.
Fixed a bug in a data tier update.
Fixed a bug in the RSR.

Changed the way the PDI works with the encrypted UCI field.
Added DT Update to fill in any missing custom service records.

Bug fixes in Store and Forward regarding custom fields after a change log rebuild.
Added annual review HIV Risk counseling.
Modified the way Form Designer handles custom radio button group boxes.

Bug fix in Pharmacy Prescriptions.
Bug fixes for editing custom combo box values.
Modified RSR filter.

Added a connection timeout setting to the BusinessTierSettings.xml file in local number storage.
Added a calculated object to determine whether or not a client had a particular STI screening in a date span.

Bug fixes in Store and Forward.
Bug fixes in Form Designer.

Bug fixes in Store and Forward.

Bug fixes in Form Designer.
Bug fixes in Store and Forward.

Bug fixes in Form Designer.
Bug fixes in RSR.
Added a calculated object to custom reports to determine whether a TB test was indicated for a client during a date span.
Modified the HAB07 and HAB14 performance measures.

Bug fix in client merge.
Bug fixes in Form Designer.

Bug fixes in UCI generator.
Bug fixes in PDE.
Bug fixes in Store and Forward.

Made Form Designer rules work when there are multiple controls with rules to disable a common control.
Added medication form to the Regimen setup.
Made Form Designer rules work when the control to disable is within a service or other group box.
Made updates to the RSR.
Store and forward bug fixes.

Added custom subform to the PDI
Made the XML importer work with the new custom field table structure

Build was done from the release branch

Fixed a bug in the Form Designer with custom service fields.

Added the ability to map custom fields to multiple locations.
Added custom field merging tool.
Added test definition merging tool.
Added the ability to make form design pages span multiple pages.
Added functionality to the PDI.
Added the ability to make custom field templates and apply them to the PDI.
Added functionality to the RSR.
Added the WICY report.
Added functionality to the ADAP import.
Added a blood pressure column to be available to encounter graphs and grids.

Added criteria to filter clients under 13 to all of the HAB performance measures.
Unduplicated the list of encounter graphs and grids.
Added code to safeguard against adding duplicate encounter graphs and grids.

Fixed bug in the HIVQUAL export.
Made drug dispensation default to the prescribed drug when more than one formulary item could be dispensed.

Fixed Form-Designer bugs.
Fixed HL7 bugs.

Made treatment available for the IGRA screening lab.
Made the medication form shows throughout all of the screens.
Improved the validation of units, strength and dosage.

Remade HAB 11 performance measure because the numerator was incorrect.
Modified the Pharmacy module so that the medication form is visible throughout.

Repackaged the application due to missing dll.

Fixed Enrollment Status calculated field to work with new enrollment statuses.
Added caching to the performance measure screens so that they are not reevaluated in each window.

Fixed Data Tier Update Error for new installs or old version upgrades.

Added 2009 poverty levels.

Added the ability to specify the dynamic date ranges in custom reports as months instead of days.
Bug fixes in some custom report fields for some installations.
Bug fix for performance measure tab.
Bug fixes in Group Service Entry.

Bug fix in PDI.
Bug fixes in Group Service Data Entry.

Bug fix in Has Service Field column for custom reports.

Bug fix in ADAP service permission checking that caused reporting errors.

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