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The Performance Measure Module has replaced the HIVQUAL module in CAREWare. The new Indicator Module will allow users to review the quality of care for individual clients based on the associated levels of care.



The Performance Measure Worksheet includes 4 core measures user for HRSA reporting and allows for users to define their own performance measures. The worksheet displays the percentage of clients who have a meta specified measure from the total client population within CAREWare. This will increase a provider's quality of care to clients as it allows for indicators to be checked across all clients or just one. As of build 847, the Alternate Build, CAREWare has the option to calculate performance measures across multiple domains. This feature is not included in Build 848, the ADR Build. By adding Domain Wide/Cross-Provider "= Yes", in the subfilter of performance measures, data can be collected from domains other than the selected domain. Domain Wide/Cross-Provider is set to "No" by default.

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