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The Central Client Merge feature can merge clients across multiple domains, search and identify clients as duplicates using custom fields, and allows for an automatic daily search based on a client match threshold setting.

Note: the client names shown in this document are fictitious names.

To access the Central Client Merge feature:

  1. Log into the Central Administration Domain.
  2. Click Administrative Options.
  3. Click Client Merge.

Merge Duplicates – Starts the merge process, which allows a user to choose the correct data for the client’s record using both records being merged.
Browse Ranked Matches – Opens the Ranked Matches menu where a percentage threshold can be used to identify clients with similar records. It has a check box to schedule daily checks for duplicate client records.
Browse Client List – Opens the Browse Client List, which contains a list of all clients. A menu on that screen has an option for filtering the list using specific fields, such as first name, last name, DOB, and gender.
Unflag as Duplicate – This removes client records from the list of duplicate clients.
Custom Field Configuration – Opens the Custom Field Configuration menu, which is used to setup custom fields that identify clients as duplicate records. Client records with the same value for that custom field will show up as a 100% match in the Browse Ranked Matches, even if URN fields such as DOB and gender are different.

Merge Duplicates

Once clients are listed in the Duplicate Client List, clicking Merge Duplicates will open the menu to identify data to keep in the client’s record. Once the merge is complete, CAREWare will generate a report will be generated showing the changes to the client record. Users can choose to delete or retain the duplicate record.
A client’s record can be added to the Duplicate Client List by identifying the clients as duplicates, using the Browse Ranked Matches or Browse Client List menus. Clicking Browse Ranked Matches creates a list of clients, which may be duplicates based on a Match Threshold percentage. If the threshold set to 75% match, the list shows record pairs for which 75% of the data (in this case, the URN fields-name, DOB, and gender) match.

To initiate the search, click Search Now.

To change the percentage, click the % box and change the numeric value.

To add clients to the Duplicate Client List:

• Click the client’s row.
• Click Flag as Duplicate.

Checking the box for Automatically Score Clients (daily) updates the list based on the Match Threshold each day.
Browse Client List

Clicking Browse Client List searches the entire database of clients for duplicates. This list can be sorted by clicking the drop down menu labeled “Show only clients that match on”. Once clients have been identified, click the check box for two clients that are considered duplicate records and click Flag Matched Pair. This will add those to clients to the Duplicate Client List.
Custom Field Configuration

The search field can be used to search through custom fields. Check the box for a custom field that will be used to consider clients as a duplicate pair. Any client records that have the same value for that field will be considered a duplicate pair with a 100% match, even if they have different URN field data such as DOB or name.
In a provider domain, the button to merge clients is called Duplicate Client. This can be found on the Client Info screen.

Users can check the box to flag this record as a duplicate, and they can select a matching client record from the list and to link it to the primary client.

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