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There are a number of ways to export data out of CAREWare available to users. These export processes can be quite complicated for novice users and we have gathered together all of the available documentation here for each export process. These documents allow users to export data in several formats. Each of the available export methods is described below in brief.

Provider Data Export (PDE)

The Provider Data Export (PDE) allows users to export their clinical data for other electronic health record applications out of CAREWare using a pre-defined Access template. The Access template is for ease of use when converting CAREWare into third party data or importing CAREWare data into another CAREWare database. The Provider Data Export can export all provider domains in a single file for reporting purposes. Once the data is ready to be exported users select all outgoing fields by checking each table for those fields, then initiate the PDE to complete the export. Here are instructions for using the Provider Data Export

The PDE uses the PDI template which can be downloaded here.

All PDE data fields adhere to the format outlined in the Provider Data Import - Specifications document.

Exporting Report Data

Reports can export client data in several file formats using Export Report Document included in the RW CAREWare Report Viewer. CAREWare has several reports already created as well as custom reports. Here are instructions for using reports in CAREWare to export data.

Exporting Performance Measure Report Data

Client data can be exported in several file formats using the Single Performance Measure Client List. The Custom Report option includes Field Selections which can be selected to determine the data that will be exported. The performance measure functions as the filter determining which clients will be included in the custom report. Here are instructions for using Performance Measures to export client data.

Report to CSV

Custom reports can be scheduled to export to a folder in CSV format using Report to CSV in the Export Menu. Here are instructions for using Report to CSV.

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