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CAREWare has Advanced Indexing Options as of build 906. In addition to the option to reindex, using the Reindex Now button, users can fine tune settings to manage the database. The Advanced Indexing Options include a report displaying potential changes to the database and a function to complete changes that will improve the function of the database.

1. Click Administrative Options.
2. Click System Information.
3. Click Advanced Indexing Options.
• Auto Close – When the last user exits the database, the database is shut down cleanly and resources are freed. (Recommended to remain off as this may degrade performance.)
• Auto Shrink – If this setting is set to ON, SQL Server removes unused space from the database on a periodic basis. (Recommended to remain off as this may degrade performance.)
• Auto-Manage Indexes – This enables the business tier to periodically check for missing indexes and automatically create them, resolving performance issues and errors.

4. Click View Current Index Suggestions.
5. Enter the SA password for the database.
6. Click Continue.

The Index Suggestion Results includes a list of changes to the database that can improve performance. The changes can be completed by clicking Execute All or a SQL Script can be saved, allowing the user to run some of the index changes or review for running the script later.

To complete the changes to the indexes:

1. Click Execute All.
2. Click OK.
Click Save SQL Script to save the script for review or completing the changes later.

Advanced Indexing Options can also be completed on the business tier server using the CW Admin Utility.

1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CAREWare\RW CAREWare Business Tier.
2. Right click CW Admin.
3. Click Run as Administrator.
4. Click Database Info.


5. Enter the SA password.


6. Click OK.
7. Click Advanced Optimization Options.


Click here to download these instructions.

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