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CAREWare produces the Ryan White Service Report (RSR), a client-level data export required by HRSA for recipients of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program funding. Users can upload the Client Report (an XML file) to HRSA, and they can also view those files within CAREWare. The CAREWare feature that generates the Provider Report is currently disabled.

The minimum build required to produce the 2018 RSR export is 969, but we generally recommend upgrading to the latest build available on the HRSA CAREWare website. For instructions on upgrading CAREWare click here.


The current provider domain and user account need sufficient permissions to run the RSR. Please follow these steps below:

  1. Log in to the Central Administration domain.
  2. Click Administrative Options.
  3. Click Provider/User Manager.
  4. Expand Real Time Providers.
  5. Right click on the provider.
  6. Click View Provider.
  7. Expand Users.
  8. Expand the user name for whom you would like to grant the permissions for.
  9. Select Individual Permissions.
  10. Type RSR in the field search.
  11. Right click Run RSR.
  12. Select Grant Group.
  13. Click Save.

Once permissions are granted, the RSR client report can be created by following the instructions here.

Once you have a saved report, you can view information about that report using the RSR Client Report Viewer.

The official HRSA RSR instruction manual can be found here. For instructions on using the RSR Data Validation Report click here.You can learn more about completing RSR reports at the All CAREWare documentation page under manual in zip format or by clicking RSR guides. To review training provided by TARGET for the RSR click here. Here are rules for inclusion of client data in the 2018 RSR report. To learn more about Eligibility Status, click here.

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