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For build 874, the RDR was redesigned to serve as an aggregate overview of a provider's client data. The report can be generated by following these steps:

1. Click Reports.


2. Click HRSA Reports.


3. Click RDR.


Users can filter the RDR using these options:

• Report Year – This will create a report for an entire year.
• Date span – this will allow a user to specify a time period for the report.
• Report Scope – All Clients … This will report on all clients eligible to receive services from Part A, B, C, or D funding sources. This refers to the new Eligibility Status on the Demographics tab. To read more about this click here.
• Report Scope – Only Clients… This will report on clients who have services funded by Part A, B, C, or D.
• Apply Custom Filter – this will further filter a report based on criteria chosen.

4. Click Create RDR.


An example RDR Report can be viewed by clicking here.

To download these instructions click here.

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