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As of build 934 CAREWare has an option for using subservice tags, which can be turned off and on using the CW Admin Utility.  The tag boxes only show on the subservice manager when Use Subservice Tags is on. The subservice manager includes a customizable list of tags that can be applied to subservice definitions.  Each subservice can get multiple tags. During data entry, users can filter the Service Name box by first selecting a tag. The Service Name box shows the tag or tags next to the service name.

To activate tags:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CAREWare\RW CAREWare Business Tier.
  2. Click Stop Server.
  3. Click Common Storage Settings.
  4. Click cmm_st_pk to set the list in alphabetical order.
  5. Scroll to UseSubservice Tags.
  6. Change the value for cmm_st_number from '0' to '1'.
  7. Click another space to save the change.
  8. Click Server Settings.
  9. Click Start Server.


To create a tag:

  1. Click Administrative Options.
  2. Click Contracts.
  3. Click Manage Subservices.
  4. Click a subservice.
  5. Click Edit Subservice.
  6. Click the ellipsis.
  7. Click Add.
  8. Enter the tag name.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Close List Editor.


To add a tag to a subservice:

  1. Click the Tags drop down arrow.
  2. Check the box for each tag that applies to that subservice.
  3. Click Save.


A subservice tag can be used to further limit the list of possible subservices when entering a new service for a client.

  1. Click Find Client.
  2. Enter search criteria.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Click the client record.
  5. Click Details.
  6. Click Service.
  7. Click New Service.
  8. Click Tags.
  9. Click a tag to highlight it.
  10. Close Select Subservice Tags.


Selecting Dental Services limits the list of service names to only subservices with the Dental Services tag that are Contracted Subservices for a contract that is active as of the date of the service entered.


Click here to download these instructions.

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