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The HL7 ADT Interface requires several setup files that can be found below.

The HL7 Socket Server setup file installs the actual CAREWare HL7 Socket Server that is used to import the HL7 data into CAREWare.
Download the HL7 Socket Server from here.

The Couch DB installation file is required for the storing of HL7 data that is being imported into CAREWare. The Couch DB database is the only the database that can be used for this purpose and must be installed in order for proper HL7 importing.

Download the required Couch DB installation file from here.
For native 64-bit machines, install the otp_win32_R14B03.exe available in the folder.

There are several available documents outlining the general use of and how to install the HL7 ADT Interface for use with CAREWare.

The HL7 ADT Interface Overview document provides an overview of this feature and how it is intended to operate once setup. It is available here.

The HL7 ADT Interface Socket Installation documentation provides all necessary steps to install both the socket server and Couch DB instance required for use with the HL7 ADT Interface. It can be downloaded from here.

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