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In some instances CAREWare produces a new build that is not an official release from HRSA. This build may include features not included in the official release currently available from HRSA. To get a copy of this release, contact the CAREWare Help Desk to see when the latest alternate build release will be available for use on a production server. In many cases CAREWare can use assistance with testing these new features and an early release can become available for use on a test server for testing purposes only. Below are a series of build fixes for a recent alternate build.

The features and fixes below have been combined with the official HRSA release build as of build 849.

The following Alternate build was created between the RSR release and the ADR release. This build has several new features including:

The following build fixes pertain to the Alternate build and are not included in the ADR build created in the same series of build releases. The ADR build and Alternate build fixes are all included in the build 847 release.

847 (Alternate Build)
Updated the way that transactions are handled to avoid deadlocks in the client merge process.
Updated third party billing 837p file output.
Added lockout/password change functionality to the User/Provider assignment form.
Modified PDI get status function to improve performance.

Reserved for alternate build.

Reserved for alternate build.

842 (Alternate Build)
Bug fixes in the processing queue for PDIs.
Bug fix for logging race subgroup changes.
Bug fix for client searches in new providers.

841 (Alternate Build)
Added a permission to the list of permissions which will allow the User/Provider assignment form to open.
Removed the check for Unknowns during the client merge.
Added a processing queue for PDIs.

840 (Alternate Build)
Bug fix in dt update 90.4 moving PDI labs from the HL7 engine to the PDI engine.

838 (Alternate Build)
Add client bug fix.
Attachments bug fix.
Added secure attachments feature.

837 (Alternate Build)
Updated the way that permission changes are distributed to user sessions.

836 (Alternate Build)
Rebuild with the 835 changes.

834 (Alternate Build)
Changed business tier code to bypass the in memory client list completely when PII encryption is off.
Updated Error logging in the task manager.

832 (Alternate Build)
Updated User/Provider/User Group assignment.
Added Form Designer Sharing.
Added Provider by Provider Sharing.
Added batch client by client sharing.
Added contract copy feature.
Added the ability to run performance measures across multiple providers.
Added the ability to default form designer custom fields to a demographic field value.
Added the ability to default form designer custom fields to the value from the most recent form.

829 (Alternate Build)
Modified the user action queue and change scribe methods for clearing queued records.

828 (Alternate Build)
Speed improvements in the Provider/User Manager.
Added the Third Party Billing Module.
Added the ability to keep original test names for imported test but still report as Viral Load, etc..
Added a way to customize the background color and message to help identify different server connections.
Added orphaned record cleanup functionality.

Reserved as a beta build for upcoming features.

Reserved as a beta build for upcoming features.

825 (Alternate Build)
Updated PDI.
Updated HL7 engine. 

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