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jProg has entered into an agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows us to host CAREWare instances on their highly secure PII-designated servers. AWS services are renowned for their reliability and have access to considerable bandwidth, enabling jProg to host CAREWare installations of any size and implement new servers quickly. See the “Security Compliance Made Easy” document for more details.

A monthly fee covers all hosting costs, including the technical tasks, servers, operating systems, SQL Server licenses, and bandwidth.

Specifically, jProg takes care of these hosting-related tasks:

  • Setting up an initial CAREWare test instance with current data and converting it to production when you are ready
  • Backing up data, encrypting it, and storing it across multiple secure AWS data centers
  • When you decide to upgrade, jProg will set up a temporary test instance and will move you seamlessly to production once you give approval.
  • Providing 24/7 secure access to your CAREWare application
  • Providing 24/7 secure SFTP access to your backups
  • Providing 24/7 secure SFTP upload capability to the PDI and HL7 business tier folders
  • Carrying out all AWS IT-related tasks, like applying Windows Server and SQL Server patches and maintaining security and periodic server migration
  • Adhering to PII procedures in the jProg/AWS BAA to ensure continuous HIPAA compliance
  • Free, optional, multi-factor authentication through Google Authenticator
  • Phone-based technical support during business hours, and email support at other times for any server-related issue
  • Maintenance on your CAREWare instance to ensure that it is secure and functioning properly

Your organization maintains complete user level administrative control of CAREWare and is responsible for maintaining adequate internet connection(s) and client machines necessary to use the CAREWare client and hosting service.

To get started, please contact Bill Devlin: billdevlin@jprog.com, 504-486-0702 ext. 428.

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