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Client Tier

The Client Tier represents the GUI seen by users. It must be installed on each machine that intends on connecting to CAREWare. This section includes common interface questions such as how to create custom fields, use reporting, or the Provider Data Import.

  1. What is the default username and password?
  2. What does 'The business tier is in the process of initializing' mean?
  3. What does 'The remote name could not be resolved' mean?
  4. What are the new service categories in CAREWare and how can I use them?
  5. Unable to add clients or all fields are greyed out on client screen
  6. How do I add active external providers?
  7. How do I find clients with an invalid EUCI in builds 705 - 801
  8. How do I find clients with an invalid EUCI in builds after 801
  9. How do I resolve the error 'The Root Element is missing'?
  10. How do I apply the Annual Review Rollover Hotfix?
  11. How do I setup Custom Field File Attachments?
  12. How do I access the RSR?
  13. How to setup Email Alerts
  14. How to add a server to the client tier server list
  15. How to activate the Provider Setup Import/Export
  16. Where are the new medications located?
  17. Where can I download the Form Designer manual?
  18. What is the difference between 'Internal Outgoing Referrals' & 'External Referrals?'
  19. When I change the allow search results value in the business tier settings file nothing happens, how do I make the changes take affect?
  20. How is the PDI export file generated? What part of CAREWare do you need to go to get to it?
  21. How to install and configure a new client tier
  22. How to allow multiple client tier instances on one PC?
  23. How to enable the SQL PDI
  24. How to export and import custom reports
  25. How do I create a contract report?
  26. How to resolve Unknown enrollment status for clients reported on the RSR
  27. Using the RSR Client Viewer
  28. How to install CAREWare on Windows 8
  29. How to set up and use Custom Service Field rules
  30. How do I change the max search results in the business tier settings?
  31. How do I generate a client URN in the PDI template for importing?

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