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In new builds of CAREWare users will be able to export and import custom reports between separate CAREWare domains. Users have been asking for this functionality for some time and now they will be able to create any custom report in CAREWare, export it and send it another user at a remote, unconnected CAREWare site, and that new user can import the custom report on their installation.

To export a custom report:

  1. Log in to CAREWare
  2. Go to Reports>Custom Reports
  3. Create the report you would like to export
  4. Highlight the report
  5. Press Export to File
  6. Chose a location to save the XML file and provide a name for it
  7. Press Save


The steps above will create an XML export file in the specefied location. You will then to browse to the location of that file and send it to the user requesting the custom report export. That user can use the following steps to import the XML file into their CAREWare instance.

To import a custom report export file

  1. Login to CAREWare
  2. Go to Reports>Custom Reports
  3. Click on Import from File
  4. Browse to the location of the file to be imported
  5. Highlight the import file and press Open
  6. Allow the file to complete the import
  7. Use the newly imported custom report as normal

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