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Recent Build Fixes — 9.3%

[...] HRSA reports for which the builds were created. Builds are referenced based on their intended use: RSR - These are builds created for the 2017 RSR report due in 2018. ICD-10 Release - This is the first build to include ICD-10 diagnosis codes. Alternate Build - This build includes features not available in the 2015 ADR build. ADR Release - These are builds that include ADR reporting features for the 2016 ADR report due in 2017. HOPWA - These builds were created for improvements [...]

Bugs — 1.6%

[...] back to Active once case closed date is set ADAP Formulary not saving active date ADAP Quarterly Report not returning #12E Total Cost Adjustments made to service columns are not saved at close of client All activated fields do not display on custom subform tabs All relation field selections generate error on custom reports All services are returned for a Regional User Annual Custom Review data entered on Custom Form not saving Annual Review data not saving when changing to custom tab 1, 2 or 3 Annual Review data not shared on 3rd provider domain instantly [...]

RSR Completeness Report — 1.2%

[...] Completeness Report has has been removed from CAREWare as of build 914. Calculations from the Completeness Report are now included in the updated Client Report Viewer . To view the RSR Completeness Report in builds prior to 914, first create an RSR Client file for the report year in review. To view the RSR Completeness Report, first create an

RSR — 1.0%

CAREWare produces the Ryan White Service Report (RSR), a client-level data export required by HRSA for recipients of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program funding. Users can upload the Client Report (an XML file) to HRSA , and they can also view those files within CAREWare. The CAREWare feature that generates the Provider Report is currently disabled. The minimum build required to produce the 2018 RSR export is 969, but we generally recommend upgrading to the [...]

ADR — 1.0%

The ADR Client Report, ADR Grantee Report , and ADR Quarterly Reports are created from the ADAP Domain. The CAREWare ADAP drug services module is designed to allow grantees who manage these services to track in detail client-level AIDS Drug Assistance information. The module includes a complete medication list, searchable by generic medication name, brand name, or NDC and includes all client-level fields required for the ADAP Drug Report (ADR). The minimum build required to produce the 2017 ADR Client Report [...]

Error when saving new custom report that has no filter — 0.9%

When attempting to save a new custom report that has no filter applied, an error message appears saying the report cannot be saved. However the report is actually saved. Error is: Source: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at jProgBusiness.jReports.jCustomReportOperations.addCustomFieldIndexesIfNecessary(jReportFilter reportFilter) at jProgBusiness.jReports.jCustomReportOperations.insertSpecification(String LoginToken, String DomainPK, jReportSpecification specification, jUser [...]

How to resolve Unknown enrollment status for clients reported on the RSR — 0.8%

There are several causes for a client's enrollment status to be reported as Unknown on the RSR. These reasons and solution are provided below. For the following enrollment status values, CAREWare will set the value to Unknown in the RSR if there is no CASE CLOSED DATE entered in the reporting year: RSR Report Viewer showing client with Unknown enrollment status Referred Removed Incarcerated Relocated The case closed date is required in order for [...]

Mailing Address and Mailing Label Report — 0.6%

A client record needs a mailing address and Include on label report checked in order to appear on a Mailing Label Report . The client's Mailing Address is always used for the mailing label report. The Include on label report checkbox does not determine which address to use. It only determines whether or not the client should be included on the mailing label report. If the Mailing Address is blank, checking Include on label report [...]

Exporting Report Data — 0.5%

Reports can export client data in several file formats using Export Report Document included in the RW CAREWare Report Viewer. CAREWare has several reports already created as well as custom reports. Here are instructions for pre-built reports in CAREWare. Here are instructions for basic custom [...]

Changing report types and selecting cross tab causes error — 0.5%

When editing a custom report, a user can change the report type and clears out the field selections. When they do that and then selects cross tab and save, this will cause an object not set to a reference error when trying to run or delete the report. When the user goes back to edit the report, the report [...]

Exporting Performance Measure Report Data — 0.5%

[...] can be exported in several file formats using the Single Performance Measure Client List . The Custom Report option includes Field Selections , which can be selected to determine the data that will be exported. The performance measure functions as the filter determining which clients will be included in the custom report. Click Administrative Options . Click Performance Measures . Click the performance measure to highlight it. Check the box next to the provider domain. Click Single Performance Measure Client List . The custom report [...]

ADAP Tips from the DART Team — 0.4%

[...] and subrecipients. It produces a compliant xml file for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Data Report (ADR) as well as the Ryan White Services Report (RSR). In order to ensure that you submit the highest quality data in the ADR, it is important to understand how different CAREWare features work, in particular: Contract and service setup Entering client ADAP application dates, and Updating enrollment status If these data are not entered correctly, or not kept up to date, it may result in missing or inaccurate [...]

RSR Inclusion Rules — 0.4%

The rules for including client data in the RSR are: Client Reporting To be included in RSR a client must have: Be RW eligible at any time during the reporting period. This means they have at least one RW eligibility record, where the eligibility date is before the end date of the report, and there is no closing eligibility record between the eligibility date and the begin date of the report. Have at least one service for which the provider is RW funded, regardless of how the [...]

RDR — 0.4%

[...] build 874, the RDR was redesigned to serve as an aggregate overview of a provider's client data. The report can be generated by following these steps: 1. Click Reports . 2. Click HRSA Reports . 3. Click RDR . Users can filter the RDR using these options: • Report Year – This will create a report for an entire year. • Date span – this will allow a user to specify a time period for the report. • Report Scope – All [...]

Eligibility Status — 0.4%

[...] History Instructions Eligibility Status is used to track the history of a client’s eligibility for the RSR as the client becomes eligible and at times is deemed ineligible for Ryan White Services. This status will be used for RSR reporting and to determine if a client is eligible for Ryan White funded services. For additional information regarding eligibility and the RSR click here . To grant Eligibility History permissions for a provider domain: Log into the Central Administration domain. Click Administrative [...]

Adjusting the report time setting — 0.4%

CAREWare includes a setting to limit how long reports can run. If a report times out, that setting can be adjusted to provide more time to complete. To increase the report timeout value: Go to C:\Program Files\CAREWare Business Tier (Program Files (x86) for CAREWare version 5.0). Scroll to CW Admin . Right-click CW Admin . Click Run as Administrator . Click Stop Server . Click Common Storage Settings . Click the column header cmm_st_pk to sort the column alphabetically. Scroll to report Timeout . Double the [...]

Exporting data out of CAREWare — 0.4%

[...] fields adhere to the format outlined in the Provider Data Import - Specifications document. Exporting Report Data Reports can export client data in several file formats using Export Report Document included in the RW CAREWare Report Viewer. CAREWare has several reports already created as well as custom reports. Here are instructions for using reports in CAREWare to export data. Exporting Performance Measure Report Data Client data can be exported in several [...]

Error when using the Has RW-funded Service field in report filter — 0.4%

When using the Has RW-funded Service = Yes in report filter for demographic report, an error is generated: Source: - An error occurred while attempting to run the custom report. If the problem persists, please contact technical support. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.jSQLDatasetFillHelper.jTableDescriptor.FillTable(DataSet TheDataset, IDbConnection Connection, Int32 XMLHandle, jReportSpecification reportSpecification, jKeyLabelPair[] domains) [...]

Group by Provider in Central Admin does not show viewable custom report — 0.4%

Running a report using more than one provider domain and checking the Group By Provider check box will have the report view screen appear but no report comes up. Unchecking the Group by Provider box results in a viewable and printable [...]

RDR Missing Fields Custom Report — 0.3%

The following report can be used to find clients who are missing information for the RDR/RSR. This report can be created in the custom report [...]

Reporting — 0.3%

[...] aspects of patient and provider care. Select a feature below for more information. ADR Contract Report Custom Report Export/Import Custom Report [...]

How to export and import custom reports — 0.3%

[...] have been asking for this functionality for some time and now they will be able to create any custom report in CAREWare, export it and send it another user at a remote, unconnected CAREWare site, and that new user can import the custom report on their installation. To export a custom report : Log in to CAREWare Go to Reports>Custom Reports Create the report you would like to export Highlight the report Press Export to File Chose a location to save the [...]

Crosstab report with custom field filter generates error when run with no date span — 0.3%

When running a cross tab Custom Report with no From/Through dates an error is generated. If details supplied it works. Source: - An error occurred while attempting to run the custom report. If the problem persists, please contact technical support. SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM. at System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlDateTime.FromTimeSpan(TimeSpan value) at System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlDateTime.FromDateTime(DateTime value) at System.Data.SqlClient.MetaType.FromDateTime(DateTime [...]

ADAP Grantee Report — 0.3%

The ADAP Grantee Report is created in CAREWare as a 6 month report showing program administration, funding, and expenditures for the ADAP Grantee. These two 6 month reports cover the entire reporting year from April 1 through March 31, showing program operation figures that are reported through the EHB with HRSA .   To create the ADAP Grantee Report: Log into the ADAP Domain Click Reports Click HRSA Reports Click ADR Grantee Report Select a Year for the Reporting Period and a [...]

How do I hide Personal Identifying Information (PII) from reports? — 0.3%

[...] added in beta build 577. It is applied to canned and custom reports on a field by field basis. These report restrictions are managed by permission groups in the Provider/User Manager and the Advanced Security Options menu. To setup the PII encryption on reports: Login to the Central Administration domain Click on Administrative Options>Advanced Security Features>User Group Admin (Report) Highlight PII Restricted User Group and press F2 or click on F2: Edit Group Permissions Using the filter text box on the right search for the first [...]

Custom Report Export/Import — 0.3%

[...] disconnected providers and distribute the reports accordingly. If any changes need to be made to a custom report, then the grantee can make the change to a single custom report and redistribute it to all disconnected providers. The custom report export/import feature creates a XML file containing all field selections and filter criteria for the report selected. This single file can then be easily transported to [...]

Cannot run financial report for mutiple domains with custom filter — 0.3%

1. User reports in builds 517 receiving an error message while running financial report for multiple domains with custom filter. Source: jProgBusiness - Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at jProgBusiness.jReports.jReportAreaSelector.CheckForJoinedTables(jSelectTable selectTable) at jProgBusiness.jReports.jReportAreaSelector.WeedOut() at jProgBusiness.jReports.jReportOperations.financialReportNOSSDetailNoProvider(jKeyLabelPair[] selectedDomains, DateTime beginDate, DateTime endDate, jFundingSource[] fundingSources, [...]

Error generated when creating Mailing List report (582-584) — 0.3%

When trying to run a Mailing List report from within a Provider domain, if you select a date span for the report get this error: Source: jProgBusiness - Invalid column name 'cln_pk'. at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.jSQLDatasetFillHelper.jTableDescriptor.FillTable (DataSet TheDataset, IDbConnection Connection, Int32 XMLHandle, jReportSpecification reportSpecification, jKeyLabelPair[] domains) at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.jSQLDatasetFillHelper.FillDataset(jServiceManager ServiceManager, ConnectionType ConnectionType, Boolean closeConnectionAfterUse, [...]

Contract Report — 0.3%

The contract report now available within CAREWare allows users with the proper permissions to create a report that will display all contract information including: Contract Name Contract Item Contract Budget Contract Item Mapped Subservices With this vital information users can easily create new contracts using the previous subservices and costs or to track budget expenditures and amounts received similar to the financial [...]

Poverty level = null generates error in custom reports — 0.3%

When adding poverty level to a custom report equal to Null the report generates the following error Source: - An error occurred while attempting to run the custom report. If the problem persists, please contact technical support. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows =, !=, <, <= , >, >= or when the subquery is used as an expression. at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.jSQLDatasetFillHelper.jTableDescriptor.FillTable(DataSet TheDataset, IDbConnection [...]

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