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Administration includes all tasks regarding general use and technical support for CAREWare.

  1. Is CAREWare free?
  2. Which Windows & SQL Server versions is CAREWare compatible with?
  3. Is technical support available for CAREWare?
  4. Is there a data dictionary available for CAREWare?
  5. Do you provide training for CAREWare?
  6. Where can I download CAREWare guides and manuals?
  7. Where can I download the lab import and Quest Diagnostic manuals?
  8. Where can I download the HL7 Import documents for CAREWare?
  9. Does CAREWare import data from the major lab companies (LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, etc.)?
  10. How do I setup the HIVQUAL module?
  11. What is required to run CAREWare?
  12. What the definitions for the HAB HIV Performance Measures?
  13. Client Matching Scoring Setup
  14. How to set up user security questions?
  15. How to contact the CAREWare Help Desk & what should be noted?
  16. How do I hide Personal Identifying Information (PII) from reports?
  17. How to turn on Global User Accounts?
  18. Is CAREWare compatible with SQL Sever 2008?

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