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Client Match Scoring allows for a provider to raise or lower the overall matching score used within CAREWare to determine if a new client possibly matches clients already in the database. By lowering the matching score more clients will appear as possible matches when a new client is added. This can help users if a client name is often misspelled and to avoid duplicate client entry.

The lowest score to consider client as a possible match in the upper right corner is based on 100. The default value of 70 allows users to add a client whose total of deductions is less than 70 to be added without the client matching screen to appear. This is based on the remaining fields on this screen.

The highest deductions are taken off of client first and last name where the first or last letter is different from the possible matching client. The overall deduction value is mainly used for misspelled names. The middle name is not used by default although you can turn it on if you use a lot of middle names for clients instead of their first name.

The gender configuration deduction is not used by default but can be turned on. This is not turned on by default because of mapping requirements used in HL7 and the PDI.

The date of birth configuration is based on the client's birthday. For field there are possible deductions that can make a user check for possible duplicates.

Over all the client matching score is used to match clients being added to CAREWare with existing clients. If the threshold is to low (<40), then users will almost always be prompted to check for possible matching clients. If the threshold is set to high (>90), then there is an increased chance of duplicate clients.


Original Client: Jim Test male 1/1/1980

New Client: Tim Test male 02/1/1981

-20 for first letter of first name
-18 for birth month
-2 for birth year
total = -30

The addition of this client would bring up the possible duplicate client matching screen when the user attempts to add the new client. The user would than have to determine whether or not this new client is indeed an existing client or a new client.

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