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The PDI template file can generate client URNs. It can be downloaded from here.

About the functionality:

  • Opening the client table and pressing Ctrl-U will populate the cln_URN_base field with the correctly calculated base URN.
  • This value requires the exp_client table fields cln_first_name, cln_last_name, cln_dob, and cln_gender to be populated first.
  • Cln_gender must be populated with the gender codes that CAREWare uses:
    • 1 - Male
    • 2 - Female
    • 3 - Transgender Unk
    • 4 - Transgender MtF
    • 5 - Transgender FtM
    • 6 - Refused to Report
    • 9 - Unknown
  • This function does not populate the URN suffix, which is used at the 12th character in the full URN.
  • The cln_URN_base field is only designed to assist users in identifying clients and is not used by CAREWare while importing clients with the PDI process. A client's URN will always be calculated during the PDI import process.

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