Calculated objects require reentry of all fields if one subfilter field is changed

Modified on Thu, 28 May 2015 13:40 by Kevin Ricciardo — Categorized as: Uncategorized

Set up field selection template for several calculated fields (last qualitative lab date and last qualitative lab value). When reusing the template, if subfilter for date span is changed, the test and the domain wide/Cross-Provider setting must also be changed and saved or CW says that field cannot be saved because subfilter must be set. The workaround is to re-enter each value in the subfilter or to reselect the field and redo the subfilters. Should be able to just change one value and reuse the other values, save the modified field to be used in a new report. The domain wide/Cross-Provider setting does not "keep" and needs to be reset if editing the calculated field from a saved template.

This bug was found in build580
This bug was fixed in build#
TTP #1895

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