All relation field selections generate error on custom reports

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The use of any relation field selection on the relations report type will cause the following error to occur in build 594 to 627.

TableName: rlt_cw_map_client_provider is not joined. at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.jSQLSelectHelper.AddSelectField
(String TableName, String FieldName, jSQLAggregateType AggragateType, String fieldAlias, Boolean useTableName, 
Boolean AddAsRestrictedField) at jProgBusiness.jReports.jReportAreaSelector.addReportSelectField(jReportSelectField 
selectField, DateTime endDate, Boolean useDistinct, String aliasName, Boolean AddAsRestrictedField)

This bug was found in build594
This bug was fixed in build629
TTP #1953

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