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CAREWare has several methods for setting up sharing options for data between providers. These settings are setup using the Setup Wizard, Provider By Provider Sharing, and Client by Client Sharing. Sharing data can be limited to individual clients, limited to specific data groups such as services, limited to sharing data with one provider and not receiving data from that same provider, and limited by a requirement for an agreement that can expire. These settings provide control of how data is shared in CAREWare based on the needs and requirements of the organization using CAREWare.

Using the Setup Wizard, a provider can determine if they will be sharing data, if they will be sharing data with an agreement, if they will be sharing data client by client, or if they will not be sharing data. These settings are available for services, clinical data, case notes, appointments, custom subforms, and forms designer. You can read more about the Setup Wizard here starting on page 30.

Provider By Provider Sharing establishes which provider the data is being shared with and creates a visual reference to see where data sharing is occurring. You can read more about Provider By Provider Sharing here.

Client by Client sharing allows for a provider to establish which pages of data is being shared for an individual client record and establish agreement limitation by date. To use Client by Client Sharing the provider will need that option setup using the Setup Wizard before using the Client by Client Sharing Worksheet. You can read more about Client by Client Sharing here.

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