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If ART medications are showing as 0 ARV ingredients or are not showing up in custom reports, or clients with ART medications are not showing up in performance measures that use ARV counts, then the medications may have to be updated to the latest medication file and/or CAREWare may need to be prompted to update the cw_available_medications table for ARV counts. Make sure the latest medication file is in the RW CAREWare Client Tier folder. http://hab.hrsa.gov/manageyourgrant/careware.html has the latest medication files at the bottom of the page. This medication file can be opened to the ARV count in the file to the ARV count in the cw_available_medication table. The ARV count is in the cw_available_medication table in the database. This can be manually updated in the database or CAREWare can be triggered to update the medications using the data tier update in the business tier.

Here are instructions for resolving the ARV count issue.

Run a data tier update for 88.3 using the CW Admin utility. Create a new medication regimen in a provider domain. This can be deleted as soon as it is created. This will prompt the business tier to update the ARV counts.

The CW Admin Utility is located by default at: C:\Program Files (x86)\CAREWare\RW CAREWare Business Tier.

  1. Right click CW Admin
  2. Click Run as Administrator
  3. Click Stop Server
  4. Click Common Storage Settings
  5. Click the box in the row for UpdateToRun in the column cmm_st_number
  6. Change the value to 88.3
  7. Click any other box to save the change
  8. Click Server Settings
  9. Click Start Server

To add a regimen follow these instructions:

  1. Log into the provider domain
  2. Click Administrative Options
  3. Click Regimen Setup
  4. Click Add
  5. Type in a Regimen Name
  6. Click the drop down list for Line
  7. Click First, Second, or Third
  8. Click Add Medication
  9. Click the drop down list for Medication (choose any medication)
  10. Complete the form including Options
  11. Click Save

Once the regimen has been created and deleted, try running the performance measure or custom report, or check the cw_available_medications table using SQL Server Management Studio to see if that the ARV counts were updated.

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