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The newly added Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program service categories added to CAREWare include Medical and Non-Medical Case Management services as well as Linguistics Services and others. These new services have been added to CAREWare well in advance of the reporting period. We recommend that you reclassify your services to reflect the changes in the RDR.

At this time the CADR has been completely updated into the RDR. We know many of our providers ran the CADR on a monthly basis in order to get up to date information on existing clients. If you have reclassified your services using the new service categories, then these services will appear on the RDR.

To change a subservice service category:

  1. Login to the provider domain
  2. Go to Administrative Options>Contracts>Manage Subservices
  3. Highlight the subservice to be changed and press "Edit Subservice"
  4. Choose the new subservice category AND change the 'Long Name' to reflect the new category
  5. Click "Save"

Repeat steps 3-5 for each subservice which needs to be reclassified to a new subservice category.

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