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The red exclamation mark appearing on the main menu means a user or role configuration issue is occurring in the CAREWare database.


To resolve this issue:
  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CAREWare\RW CAREWare Business Tier.
  2. Right click CW Admin.
  3. Click Run as Administrator.
  4. Click Database Info.
  5. Enter the SA password.
  6. Click Resolve.
  7. Click Server Settings.
  8. Click Stop Server.
  9. Wait a few seconds and click Start Server.

If using the Database info tab in CW Admin does not display a Resolve button to use to resolve the configuration error, you will need to delete any occurrence of the user cwbt or the role jdbcreator before attempting to run the script provided below.

Note: Before being allowed to delete the cwbt user account you will need to re-assign the database owner to another user account within the SQL Server instance temporarily. We normally suggest the SA account as it is the only existing user account for most user SQL Server instances. To change the database owner you can run the following query on each database:

Use cw_data
exec sp_changedbowner 'sa'

Change Use cw_data to Use cw_attachments and run the query again, if there is a cw_attachments database. Do the same for any other CAREWare databases in this instance.

  1. Connect to the CAREWare database using SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Expand Databases.
  3. Expand System Databases.
  4. Expand Security.
  5. Expand Users.
  6. Right click cwbt.
  7. Click Delete.
  8. Expand Security.
  9. Expand Logins.
  10. Right click cwbt.
  11. Click Delete.

Once all cwbt users and logins are found and deleted, the query can be run to recreate the user and roles properly resolving the error. Note: This script below uses the default password we now set for the user cwbt.
--Start Script

use master

--Create cwbt user

EXEC sp_addlogin 'cwbt', 'CWtemp100%'

--create jdbcreator role

EXEC sp_addrole 'jdbcreator'

--Add cwbt user to jdbcreator role

Exec sp_adduser 'cwbt', 'cwbt', 'jdbcreator'
exec sp_addrolemember 'jdbcreator', 'cwbt'

--End Script

Once the script has completed run the following query on CW_Attachments database and any other CAREWare databases in this instance.

exec sp_changedbowner 'cwbt'

Once the database is updated, restart the business tier service. The red exclamation mark should be gone.

Click here to download these instructions.

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