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The following error may occur if the client.exe.config file is missing or has an incorrect configuration setting.

"Error: The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect please see the application event log or use the command line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail."

The client.exe.config file is part of the client distribution from the business tier and should update the client correctly. The client.exe.config file in the RW CAREWare Client Tier can be replaced with that file from the same file in the client distribution folder. Another option is to edit the client.exe.config file in the RW CAREWare Client Tier folder and set the value for encoding to "encoding="utf-8"?"

Here are steps to set the encoding value:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\CAREWare\RW CAREWare Client Tier
  2. Right click on client.exe.config
  3. Click Edit
  4. change the encoding= value to "encoding="utf-8"?"

Click here to download the client.exe.config file to view it.

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