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Providers on a real-time network have the option of sharing service and clinical data with other agencies. Sharing data with other providers who have a need to know specific information about clients they also serve has many advantages:

  • Agencies can avoid duplication of services, save time spent tracking down clients’ services at other agencies, and get a more comprehensive picture of a client’s needs.
  • Clinics can avoid expensive duplicate tests and potentially dangerous medication interactions if clinical data from the other provider is available at the point of service.
  • Clients can get a better continuity of care.

Sharing data can be limited to individual clients, limited to specific data area such as services or case notes, limited to sharing data with one provider and not receiving data from that same provider, and limited by a requirement for an agreement that can expire.

Using the Provider Setup Wizard, administrators can set up sharing for services, clinical data, case notes, appointments, custom subforms, and the form designer. Provider-by-provider sharing limits which other agencies are able to view the shared data. Those setup screens are described here.

Client-by-client sharing limits sharing to specific clients and supports agreements with expiration dates. Those setup screens are described here.

Click here for instructions on the Sharing Change Report.

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