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The RSR Client Report Viewer shows the aggregate data reported on the RSR, and it allows users to find clients easily and adjust any clinical data if incorrect. Users have to create an RSR before they can use the Viewer. Instructions for creating an RSR Client Report can be found here.

To view an RSR Client Report:

1. Click Reports.


2. Click HRSA Reports.

3. Click RSR.


4. Click Client Report Viewer.


5. Click Select RSR File or the ellipsis.


6. Select the Client Export file and click Open.


The Client Report Viewer will show the results of that Client Export file.


7. Click on a Count value.


This will open the RSR Real Time Client Lookup.

  1. Select a client.
  2. Select Demographics from the drop down menu.
  3. Click Go To Selected Client.

This will open a client’s record to edit the data field for that tab.


After reviewing the RSR data and making corrections as necessary, a user can rerun the RSR export to generate a new RSR XML file for submission to the HRSA Electronic Handbook website. You can learn more about completing RSR reports at the All CAREWare documentation page or by clicking RSR.

Click here to view an example of the RSR Client Report Viewer.

To download these instructions click here.

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