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The rules for including client data in the RSR are:

Client Reporting

To be included in RSR a client must have:

  1. Be RW eligible at any time during the reporting period. This means they have at least one RW eligibility record, where the eligibility date is before the end date of the report, and there is no closing eligibility record between the eligibility date and the begin date of the report.
  2. Have at least one service for which the provider is RW funded, regardless of how the service was paid for. CAREWare will create a list of funded service categories for the provider, and check for the existence of a service where the category is any of those funded categories and the service date is in the report date span.

Service Reporting

We will report only services where:

  1. The provider was RW funded for the service category at any point in the report date span.
  2. The client was RW eligible on the date of the service.

  • Note: CAREWare is not using the contract date for reporting services. All services for the year will be sent if the provider was funded at any time during the year.

Clinical Data Reporting

All clinical data will be reported for clients in the report, for clients who are HIV-positive and received an outpatient/ambulatory service.

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