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CAREWare can be installed completely on one PC or separated into three distinct tiers and installed on separate PC/servers. Here are common installation procedures and errors encountered with CAREWare.

  1. How do I install CAREWare?
  2. How do I install the International version of CAREWare?
  3. How do I resolve Error Code 2869 during an installation?
  4. How do I resolve the error 'The specified service already exists' during an installation?
  5. How do I resolve the error 'Missing ChangeLog database -0000'?
  6. How to turn on Message Queuing Server in a 64 bit environment
  7. How to determine a PC's architecture?
  8. Anti-Virus software indicates files for CAREWare are malware
  9. How do I turn off the User Access Control (UAC) in Windows?
  10. How to silently install the CAREWare Business or Client Tier
  11. How to install CAREWare with User Access Control turned on

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