Error entering amount received in Rapid Service Entry

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When entering and saving amount received in Rapid Service Entry an error message is produced on saving the record:

Source: jProgBusiness - The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "rlt_srv_rcp". 
The conflict occurred in database "CW_Data", table "dbo.cw_service", column 'srv_pk'.
The statement has been terminated. INSERT INTO cw_receipt ( rcp_pk , rcp_srv_fk , rcp_date , rcp_amount, 
rcp_source , rcp_last_updated) VALUES (@rcp_pk , @rcp_srv_fk , @rcp_date , @rcp_amount , @rcp_source , @rcp_last_updated)
   at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.ServiceAdministration.AddReceipt(String loginToken, jAmountReceived rcp)
   at jProgBusiness.jBusiness.jBusinessRemote.SRV_Add_Receipt(String SessionToken, jAmountReceived rcp)
An error occurred in SRV_Add_Receipt.
If the problem persists, please contact technical support.
 Amount received can be added in client record but not in rapid entry system.

This bug was found in build554
This bug was fixed in build580
TTP #1801

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