Eligibility Status

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Eligibility History Instructions

Eligibility Status is used to track the history of a client’s eligibility for the RSR as the client becomes eligible and at times is deemed ineligible for Ryan White Services. This status will be used for RSR reporting and to determine if a client is eligible for Ryan White funded services. For additional information regarding eligibility and the RSR click here.

To grant Eligibility History permissions for a provider domain:

  1. Log into the Central Administration domain.
  2. Click Administrative Options.
  3. Click Provider/User Manager.
  4. Expand Real-Time Providers.
  5. Right click the provider domain.
  6. Click View Provider.
  7. Expand Provider permissions. (“Name of Provider” Permissions)
  8. Click Individual Provider Permissions.
  9. Type elig in the text box to find the Eligibility permissions.
  10. Right-click on one of the permissions.
  11. Click Grant Section.
  12. Click Save.

    Once these permissions are granted for the provider domain, users for that domain can be granted permission to access the Eligibility History menu.


To add Eligibility History permissions for a user:

  1. Log into the Central Administration domain/ provider domain.
  2. Click Administrative Options.
  3. Click Provider/User Manager.
  4. Expand Users.
  5. Expand the user name.
  6. Click Individual Permissions.
  7. Right click on the eligibility permission.
  8. Click Grant.
  9. Click Save.

Permissions for Eligibility Status in the Central Administration domain:


Permissions for Eligibility Status in the Provider domain:


To add an eligibility record to the Eligibility History:

1. Click Find Client.


2. Type in a client’s identifying information and click Search.


3. Click on the client’s name and click Details.


A client currently not eligible will have this listed in his or her Eligibility Status.


4. Click Eligibility History.


5. Click Add Record.


6. Enter the information in this form and click Save.


These records can be edited by clicking Edit Record.


Once the Eligibility History is updated, the client’s Eligibility Status will change.

Clients can be eligible for multiple funding sources. In this case, they would need separate Eligibility History records for each funding source they are eligible for. For instance, they may be eligible for Part A, which began on 2/1/2015, and Part C services which began on 3/1/2015. A separate Eligibility History record will have to be created for each funding source and date.

The date span in which they are Ryan White Eligible determines which services count for RSR reporting. If they receive a Ryan White funded service before or after an eligibility period, that service will not count toward the RSR report for them, with the exception of Outpatient Ambulatory services. If a client is eligible for Outpatient Ambulatory services any time during the RSR report year, all Outpatient Ambulatory Services will be included in the RSR. For all other services, they are only counted if the service has a service date during the time frame the client is eligible for any funding source.


In build 865 through 875, users will need to have the permission for Find Client granted, as well as one of the permissions below to access the Eligibility Status menu.

Run Financial Report
View Contracts
Add/Edit/Delete Contract
Add/Edit Contract Items
Delete Contract Items
Export Contract File
Import Contracts

Unless a user has one of the permissions on the list, he or she will get an error stating that the user cannot access funding sources.

Click here to download these instructions for builds 865 through 875.

Click here to download these instructions for build 876 or newer.

Click here to learn more about Eligibility Status

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