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CAREWare has added a clean up tool to identify and remove records no longer attached to a provider domain, a duplicate partial record, a record deleted incompletely, or a record remaining as a result of a merge process. These records are referred to as orphaned records and cannot be found using the Find Client feature. The Orphaned Record Cleanup tool is available in the Central Administration domain on the Administrative Options menu.




The Orphaned Record Cleanup will remove records when users click Delete Selected Records. In the Orphaned Record Cleanup tool, there is an option to delete all records of one type by clicking the record type and clicking the Delete Selected Records option. The Delete key can be used to delete the records. If you want to view the records, click Examine Selected Records.


Once Examine Selected Records is clicked, Orphaned Record Details will open showing each individual record of the type selected. Any individual record can be selected or several records can be selected and deleted there. There is a Select All option, which will delete all of the records once you click Delete Selected after.

Once a user clicks the delete option, the status will change to Running; this means CAREWare is actively removing the records.


This operation may take a few minutes. To change the status or verify the cleanup tool has completed deleting the records, click Refresh List

To download these instructions click here.

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