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Custom Service Field Rules will allow users to create custom rules for subservices to ensure data entry adheres to clinic requirements. The custom service fields rules can be applied to one or all subservices just as the custom service fields. Once the rule is created users will see a red exclamation mark next to the custom service field chosen in the rule, if the rule is met.

To enable custom service field rules

  1. Login to the provider domain
  2. Go to Administrative Options>Custom Features>Custom Service Fields
  3. Click on F6: Service Entry Rules
  4. Click F1: New Rule
  5. Chose the Service Field that the rule will be based on from the pull down.
  6. Chose the appropreiate operator from the Operator pull down menu
  7. Click on Select a Field
  8. In the new windows chose the client field that will be used for the rule, then click F1: Select/Use Field
  9. Finally chose the Action to be taken if the rule is met from the Actiopn pull down menu. If choosing Show Warning, then provide the user message text as well.
  10. Click Save

Once the rule has been setup it will become active for all services with the selected custom service field activated.

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