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In settings where there are multiple PCs connecting to one centralize server there will be the need to install multiple client tiers. This is easily done on any Windows PC compatible with CAREWare and Windows user accounts that have the permissions to install applications.

To complete the client tier installation you will need to download the client tier setup file that is found in the full setup file for CAREWare available on the HRSA CAREWare website.

  1. Download the full setup file from the HRSA CAREWare website
  2. Extract the full setup file to the default location C:\CW_Setup
  3. Go to the C:\CW_Setup directory using Windows Explorer
  4. Double click on the RWCAREWareClientTierSetup.msi file. If you are prompted by a pop up window asking 'The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run this software?' click “Run”.
  5. Click “Next”, check “Everyone” for the program to be accessed by everyone who uses this computer or “Just Me” for the program to be accessed by only the current user logged into the computer. Click “Next”.
  6. Click “Next” again, read the End User License Agreement and select “I Agree” if you do. Click “Next” again.
  7. Click “Close” when installation is completed.

Once the installation of the client tier is complete the user will need to setup the client tier in order to connect to the correct central server.

  • Note The CAREWare Help Desk does not maintain or know the server IP addresses or hostnames for any clinic or grantee.

Users can add any IP address or hostname to the server list found in CAREWare. In order to do so they can review the necessary to How to add a server to the client tier server list add a server to the server list.

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