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The Provider Data Export (PDE) allows CAREWare users to export CAREWare data into an Access template file. This is similar to the Provider Data Import (PDI) and uses the same Access template file. The PDE includes the ability to export custom fields from CAREWare into the Access file. The steps below provide the necessary information to create a customized PDE template file.

To export custom data you must be logged in to the Central Administration domain. From there you choose the custom data to include and create (make) a PDI template file that includes the selected custom data fields. Then the exporting provider imports that template and maps the custom data to the custom fields available in the custom PDI template. Create custom template within Central Admin:

  1. Login to Central Administration domain.
  2. Choose Administrative Options, Provider Data Import
  3. Choose F7- Custom Field Templates
  4. Choose F1- Add Template Specification
  5. Give the custom template a name and then choose the desired custom fields from the list on the right by checking the boxes next to the field name
  6. Add the chosen fields to the template by clicking on the Add to Template button
  7. When satisfied with selections, click on the F1 - Save Template link at the top of the screen.
  8. To make the custom PDI template that includes these custom fields, highlight the name of the template and choose F4- Make Template MDB.
  9. Give the template file a name (and choose a location other than RW CAREWare Client Tier folder if desired) and click Save.
  10. Exit the Template Specification List screen by choosing Close (Esc) and then exit the PDI Import screen.

Create export using the custom template in the Provider Domain.

  1. Login to the Provider Domain that will be exporting the data (creating the PDE file).
  2. Choose Administrative Options, Export Menu, Provider Data Export
  3. Choose New Export
  4. Give the new export a name by clicking in the Elipse box and then choosing a name and location.
  5. Choose the fields to export, including the check box next to custom fields.
  6. Click on the configure link next to Custom Fields
  7. Click on F1 - Import Template to open (import) the custom PDI template created earlier
  8. The custom fields in the template will now be listed in the box below.
  9. Highlight a custom field and click on the CW Code drop-down list to choose the matching custom field and click Save.
  10. Do this for each custom field. Or use the F3 - Use CAREWare Codes button.
  11. When done mapping custom fields return to the Export screen, and select the date span desired.
  12. Click Export.
  13. When complete an export summary window will appear. Click OK.

The exported file will include the custom data. The custom data fields are added on to the corresponding tables (client custom data are appended to the end of the exp_client table while annual custom data are added to the exp_annual_review table). When importing a PDE file with custom data in it, the custom data fields must already exist in the provider domain being imported into. Just as contracts and services must already exist to be imported into.

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