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As a prerequisite, you will need to download and install the latest .NET Framework required for CAREWare.

To install CAREWare, download the CAREWare installer and user manual from the HRSA CAREWare web site. Download and install the latest CAREWare Business Tier build first and then use the CW Setup file to install the data tier and client tier.

To complete the client tier and data tier installation, double click on the CAREWare Setup file. You will be prompted to unzip the files to C:\CW_Setup. Change the directory if you wish. "Run after extraction: rwcarewareinstaller.exe" is the default next action. Click “Finish”. When prompted to run the CAREWare installer, click “Yes”.

Check the box for the second option to install the data tier. Check the box for the third option to install the client tier. After all tiers are installed and the database is created, you will be able to run CAREWare from the Start menu.

This has been only a brief overview of the CAREWare installation process. More detail can be found in the User Manual and the System Administrators Guide to CAREWare. Both are available for download from the HRSA web site above. If you have specific questions regarding the installation of CAREWare, email the Help Desk at cwhelp@jprog.com or call 1-877-294-3571 between Noon and 5pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday for live support.

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