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The following will need to be done on the Central Administration domain before you will be able to activate external providers from the provider domain.

  1. Login to the Central Administration domain
  2. Go to Administrative Options>Provider/User Manager
  3. Expand "Real-Time Providers", then expand your provider's name
  4. Expand *Provider's* Permissions, then expand "Data Entry"
  5. Expand "Referral"
  6. Right click on "Activate External Provider" and select "Grant"
  7. Expand "Users" under your provider name
  8. Expand the account name you want to grant the permission to
  9. Expand "Data Entry", then "Referral"
  10. Right click on "Activate External Provider" and select "Grant"
  11. Click "Save" and then "Close"
  12. Log off the Central Administration domain

Login to the provider domain to complete the following addition of an active external provider.

  1. Login to the provider domain
  2. Find the client who you want to add an external referral for
  3. Change to the "Referrals" tab, then change to the "External Referrals" tab
  4. Click "New Referral"
  5. Click "Add" next to "Refer-To-Provider"
  6. Click "Add New Provider" and provide the new provider's name, then click "Save this Provider"
  7. Check the box in the "Active" column for the newly added provider
  8. Add any additional providers you need to, then click "Save Current List and Exit"
  9. Choose the "Refer-to-Provider" from the pull down list then select the "Referral Status" and "Referral Date"
  10. If you do not have a "Referral Class", then click on the ellipsis box next to it.
  11. Click "Add", then provide the referral class name
  12. Click "Save" and continue adding the necessary classes for your provider
  13. When finished adding the referral classes, click "Save Current List and Exit"
  14. Choose the "Referral Class" from the pull down menu
  15. Select the appropriate Service Category, add any necessary comments, and then click "Save" if the referral is not yet completed.

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