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This error may come up during data entry if the business tier is out of sync with the EURN Generator process or message queues are full.
  1. Restart the business tier by following the steps here.
  2. Delete the message queues if they are full by:

    1. Open Computer Management.

    2. Expand Computer Management.

    3. Expand Services.

    4. Expand Applications.

    5. Expand Message Queuing.

    6. Expand Private Queues.

    7. Expand eurngenerator.

    8. Right click Queue Messages.

    9. Select All Tasks.

    10. Click Purge.

    11. Click Yes.

    12. Repeat the same steps for the eurns message queue. After purging both queues restart the business tier service.

  3. Check that there is plenty of space on the hard drive of the server where the CAREWare database instance is installed. Here are instructions to resolve disk space issues.

Click here to download these instructions.

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