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Latest version:
*The CAREWare build number that works with the Data Translation Module version is indicated near the Data Translation Module version number.

Data Translation Module 2.1.3 (865 or newer)

  • Fixed bug with case notes

Previous versions:

Data Translation Module 2.1.1 (865 or later)

  • CSV headers can now be more than one line
  • A single CSV row can contain multiple records of the same type
  • Added HasAnyValueYesNo
  • Added element position to split feature

Data Translation Module 2.0.6 (865 or later)

  • Fixed the manual import feature

Data Translation Module 2.0.5 (865 or later)

  • Implemented functionality to process Eligibility History records

Data Translation Module 2.0.4 (865 or later)

  • Fixed an issue with poverty level assessment date imports

Data Translation Module 2.0.3 (865 and later)

  • Fixed issue with poverty level assessments being created from Insurance assessment records
  • All records will now be processed even if a required field is missing data, as long as at least one required field has a value

Data Translation Module 2.0.2 (865 and later)

  • Fixed issues with installation and single file generation

Data Translation Module 2.0.1 (865 and later)

  • Updated DTM to .NET framework 4.5 (This version requires Windows Vista or newer)

  • Fixed an issue with processing records with missing required values

Data Translation Module 1.8.3 (864 and earlier)

  • Expanded file parsing to also be able to process HL7 date formats

  • Added functionality to specify client matching style

  • Fixed an error upgrading settings files from previous versions of DTM

Data Translation Module 1.8.2 (864 and earlier)

  • Added compatibility for regional date formats

Data Translation Module 1.8 (864 and earlier)

  • DOB and gender are no longer required fields for processing client records

  • Custom subform records are now processed

Data Translation Module 1.7 (864 and earlier)

  • Updated functionality for processing Excel files

Data Translation Module 1.6 (864 and earlier)

  • Map a field to a constant value
  • Map a field to multiple fields
  • Map multiple fields to a single one
  • Ability to filter incoming files using CAREWare custom reports

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