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The Data Translation Module (DTM) is a utility designed to parse flat text files in a CSV format, or Excel files, and create an Access database template file that can be easily imported into CAREWare through the Provider Data Import (PDI).

You can download the latest version here. You can view the manual here.

To review the specifications for the Provider Data Import tables click here.

For instructions to setup CAREWare for automatic DTM imports click here.

Click here for FIPS County and State reference codes.


The Data Translation Module now processes the following PDI tables:

  • Client
  • ADAP Enrollment History
  • Annual Review
  • Appointment
  • Attachments
  • Case Note
  • Counseling and Testing
  • Custom Subform
  • Diagnosis
  • Drug Payment
  • Eligibility
  • Immunization
  • Insurance Assessment
  • Medication
  • Poverty Level Assessment
  • Pregnancy History
  • Receipt
  • Referral
  • Relations
  • Service
  • Subservice
  • Test
  • Vital Sign
  • Meta Data Action
  • Meta Data Action class
  • Meta Data Active Medication Map
  • Meta Data Available Medication
  • Meta Data Content Type
  • Meta Data Contract
  • Meta Data Contract Item
  • Contract Subservice Map
  • Meta Data Custom Field
  • Meta Data Custom Referential
  • Meta Data Custom Subform Tab
  • Meta Data Custom Subform Tab Custom Field Map
  • Meta Data Diagnosis Definition
  • Meta Data Domain Custom Map
  • Meta Data Education Level (International Version)
  • Meta Data Eligibility Custom Field
  • Meta Data Employee
  • Meta Data External Provider
  • Meta Data Funding Source
  • Meta Data Geographic Entity 1 (Intrnational Version)
  • Meta Data Geographic Entity 2 (Intrnational Version)
  • Meta Data Geographic Entity 3 (Intrnational Version)
  • Meta Data Geographic Entity 4 (Intrnational Version)
  • Meta Data ICD10 Definition
  • Meta Data Immunization Definition
  • Meta Data Contract Funding
  • Meta Data PDE Custom Field Map
  • Meta Data Qualitative Test Result
  • Meta Data Referral Class
  • Meta Data Subservice
  • Meta Data Test Active Map
  • Meta Data Test Class
  • Meta Data Test Definition

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