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CAREWare 6 will run in an internet browser of your choice. Though the data entry screens will look different, all of the features in the domestic (U.S.) version of CAREWare 5 will be included in this new version.

Perhaps the most important benefit of this new version is that IT staff will no longer have to install and maintain the client application on each machine that runs CAREWare; only the CAREWare servers will require maintenance. Also, users will be able to benefit from the standard features—like spell-checking, screen resizing, zooming in and out—of whatever browser they choose to use.

All of the current back-end functionality, such as business rules, queries, and outputs, will function the same and will respond as fast or faster than the current Windows Forms version of CAREWare. CAREWare will still use SQL Server for the data tier.





Common questions about connectivity for CAREWare 6 can be found here.

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