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The short answer to most questions about CAREWare 6 connectivity is this: connecting to a CAREWare 6 server with a browser is similar to connecting to a CAREWare 5 server with the CAREWare client.

Here's what they have in common:

• Both use http, technology commonly used for transmitting data across the internet.

• In both CW5 and CW6, you have to provide the location of your CAREWare server. In CW5, you do that by editing the Server List on the Login screen; in CW6 you enter the server location in your browser's address bar.

• For both CW5 and CW6, you can supply a URL or an IP address, and if you are on a LAN, you can use a machine name.

• You can opt for an additional security layer by implementing a VPN or similar technology so that users who are not logged in to the VPN cannot connect to the server, either with the CW5 client or a browser.

• Whatever additional security features your VPN provides for CW5 should work for CW6. For example, you could restrict server access except from a set list of IP addresses, you can limit access to specific times, etc.

The main difference in connectivity is that the CAREWare 6 server requires two extra software components, but this is a difference that won't be noticed by users or administrators, except for those who set up and maintain the server itself (and we will provide a new installer that will set up these components).

Click here to review the System Administrator's Guide for additional information for how CAREWare works.

If you have further questions on this issue, please let us know by following the instructions here.

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